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Make Moussaka to Be ...

  Lamb, eggplant and tomatoes, oh my! I’m referring to the classic Greek dish Moussaka, and if you ...read more

SaraPosted by Sara
On Feb 8, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Introducing a New Party
We are serving up a whole new type of private party for smaller groups on a budget in our new retail store at the Merchandise Mart.
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We are "Chefstructors"
Armed with years of professional restaurant experience, our chefs are trained to teach and facilitate fun.
Play with Knives
Sharpen up your Knife Skills with a hands-on lesson in chopping, dicing and mincing. You'll also learn about the construction and care of knives.

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Steakhouse Classics
Why go out for an expensive steak meal when you can DIY at home?
What's in a Sip?
You will never be confused by complicated wine words again! Our Sommelier will deconstruct the language of wine and help you determine what you like in your glass. 
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