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20 Years of Recipes for You

Posted by Andrea on May 8, 2017

As you've probably heard, The Chopping Block is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. We marked this milestone with two big birthday bashes last month that featured some of our favorite food we've been serving and teaching you how to cook for the past 20 years. If you weren't able to join us then, you can still celebrate with us at home! 

We put a call out to our staff and students for their favorite recipes and whittled the list down to 29. You have no idea how hard that was to do! We've created a free, downloadable recipe packet with our favorites in hopes that some of these dishes will become your favorites as well. From classics such as our famous Apple Pie which was a dish made in our very first cooking class with our Owner/Chef Shelley Young to new favorites like our Roasted Rack of Lamb with Fennel and Pomegranate Glaze that we made at our New Year's Eve Extravaganza, this collection of recipes has something for everyone.

Anniversary Download

This recipe packet includes stories about the origins of the dishes as well as why we love them so much. You'll also get a brief history of The Chopping Block, and a look to the future at what we have planned for the next 20 years. Hint, there's an actual "Cooking Lab" being built right now!

Are you ready to get cooking just like we've done over the years? Download Cheers to 20 Years: A Celebration of 20 Years of Recipes from The Chopping Block. 

Cheers to 20 Years

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