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Valentine’s Day Gift

Posted by Patrick on Feb 6, 2013

It’s the thought that counts. This Valentine’s Day go above and beyond the typical gift ideas and do something that will last a lifetime. Instead of making 9:30pm dinner reservations at some one-word restaurant, because any time before that has been booked for months, create a meal from scratch to show how much you care about your significant other. Creating a special meal can be filled with a number of different pressures, but I assure you no matter what the outcome of the meal, it will be worth the effort.

Wine HeartHere are a few tips when sitting down to create this culinary experience.

When thinking about what to make take a few things into consideration. Try to come up with an inspired meal based on past experiences you have shared. For example, if you took a trip to San Francisco consider making a rich clam chowder to start off the meal. Also, it’s important to not get carried away by trying to tackle an elaborate menu even the top chefs would struggle to put together. Make it a simple meal packed with flavor and emotion.

DinnerAnother point to consider is how the food will be presented or consumed. You may not want to serve up a plate of sauce covered bbq ribs, no matter how delicious. Going for a dish that can be eaten using a knife and fork will be a better choice. Stay away from foods which require using your hands as utensils. I suggest selecting one main protein, whether that’s a nice sautéed chicken breast or delicate piece of fish. Try paring that with a simple pasta dish or rice. A nice alternative to pasta or rice would be quinoa.

ChocolateThe part of the meal that may send the most fear through you is dessert. A lot of unnecessary pressure can be placed on creating the “perfect” dessert, but as long as you can follow basic instructions, creating a fabulous finale will a breeze. At The Chopping Block, we have a fantastic, very basic Molten Chocolate Cake which is a great option. The final piece of the puzzle is wine. If you are unaware of your partner’s favorite vintage, I suggest selecting a universal wine that will easily accompany any menu you choose to go with. Two examples of easily pared wines are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Food is one of the best ways to express how you feel about someone you care about. This Valentine’s Day take the time to make well thought out meal from the heart and show that special someone just how much they mean to you.

What's on your Valentine's Day menu? Share your thoughts here.


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