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TV & Wine Night

Andrea L
Posted by Andrea L on Mar 6, 2013

I have a confession to make. I have the absolute worst taste in TV in the history of all viewers. I'm actually a Real Housewives fanatic! BH and NYC all the way (but retro NYC because I miss Bethenny) and furthermore, pretty much anything BRAVO airs, I’m smelling. I love my fair share of the Food Network, too! Who doesn’t love Chopped and all of the 26 shows now starring Anne Burrell—my boyfriend totally has a crush on her too! Each week on Chef Wanted he eagerly waits to see what dress she will be sporting from the Dress Barn as she screams at the next wannabe about how their food “Came out of the lawn more bag!” However, and I am ashamed to admit this but I will… I, Andrea Larson, am addicted to ABC’s The Bachelor.

So, how am I incorporating my love of food and trashy reality TV into a food-based blog? Easy, we are switching gears to my love of wine and all the wonderful wines we have for sale here at The Chopping Block that go really well with bad TV and an epic show such as The Bachelor!

rosesavinyoWhat are two things that come to mind when you think of The Bachelor? Champagne and roses, of course! Might I suggest as you on demand this little diddy of a show, start with one of my favorite bubbly must haves, The Chopping Block's house Cava! Avinyo Cava Brut Reserva is a fantastic value at $20 a pop and is a wonderful representation of Spanish wine with citrus and honey notes. It is an elegant sparkling wine for any occasion, especially the week Sean (this season's Bachelor) sent home Ashlee, one of the final three. Ashlee deserved to be eliminated on principle for spelling her name like a third grade dropout, but when she actually was, her Death Stare proved her much scarier than we anticipated.

pewseyTierraMoving right along, my next favorite Chopping Block bottle that goes so well with my guilty pleasure show is our Pewsey Valley Riesling at just $15.95! When I think of Rieslings, I think of sweet wine, which makes me think of loud drunk girls, which leads me to think of desperate women hoping to get on a reality show to find their husband but in reality will be airing out their dirty laundry for millions to view and find cause to laugh at them. I am not a huge Riesling fan; however, this one really takes the cake. It isn’t as sweet as most German Rieslings can be. It is smooth, full of apples and citrus, a wonderful representation of all the great things in new world wine Australia has to offer. I downed a bottle during the week they eliminated Tierra. She was the villain with stalker-like tendencies that is also named after a piece of jewelry a princess wears. She may be gone but her crazy eyebrows will live on forever!

roseLindseyFinally, while watching a good rose ceremony, I like a nice Rose! The Chopping Block offers Domaine de la Courtade “LAlycastre” Rose for $13.50. This is known to most of us TCB employees as our favorite summer sipper of 2012. We all had our fair share, and I am still going strong! It’s a great value and a nice representation of a non-sweet light crisp summery rose. It also goes well with a nice rose ceremony. I had several glasses of this while watching Sean get down to the final two girls. I'm rooting for Lindsey. After all, she showed up in the first episode in a wedding dress.

I challenge you in your private TV habits to stop by The Chopping Block and try some of our delicious and affordable wines! They go great with any of your favorite trashy shows, or if you have actual lives unlike me, share it with friends during elegant dinner parties, BBQ’s, or after a hard day’s work.

What’s your favorite bottle here at The Chopping Block?

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