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Summer Wine and Dine

Posted by Patrick on May 3, 2013

Once again, Midwest weather has thrown us for a loop this week. It might be warm one day and cold the next, but I refuse to be discouraged in welcoming grilling season. Not only do we need to consider what beautiful cuts of meat to throw on the grill, but also what drinks to serve with these meals.

prioratThis month at The Chopping Block, we are discounting our wine and accessories, so there really is no better to time to start experimenting with new, exciting wines to take your everyday cookout to the next level. All of our wines are 10% off their already low price, and all of our wine accessories are 10% off as well!

Typically when we think of a cookout we think of everyone standing around the open grill discussing why their particular grilling technique is better than the next guy. As we envision these conversations, we undoubtedly imagine all involved sipping an ice cold beer. I encourage us all this summer, not to stop having those conversations, but to enjoy an invigorating glass of wine instead. At least give it a try. I love a cheap watered down beer as much as the next Wisconsinite, but when I’m looking to enhance my dining experience and take my food to the next level, I go with wine.

pinot noirGrilling fish? Try pairing it with a cool crisp Pinot Gris from New Zealand. If you’re trying for that perfectly cooked medium rare ribeye, go with a hearty Priorat. Something else to consider when pairing your grilled item with wine is any rub you may be using. If you are using a strong, very flavorful rub on a steak, you will want to pair that item with a strong flavorful wine. If you are planning on cooking something delicate with very subtle flavors, you will want to pair that with a lighter white wine with much more understated flavors. A great all-purpose option for summer wine drinking is a Rosé. Rosés are typically very fruity with crisp flavors and go well both subtly flavored and boldly flavored items. The fruity crispness of Rosé makes it the ideal choice for a hot humid day.

allen scottMy personal favorite summer selections that we carry at The Chopping Block are Banshee Pinot Noir and Allen Scott Sauvignon Blanc. The Banshee goes great with the meat and potatoes type meals I’ve grown accustomed to creating, and the Allen Scott goes great with the lighter or spicier meals I make.

I encourage everyone to come down to either of our locations this month and learn about our exceptional wine list. Come in with an open mind about wine and most importantly ask a lot of questions. We have a knowledgeable staff that will be more than happy to share their recommendations and suggestions with you!

What's your favorite summer wine?


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