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Shh! Our Wine List is a Best Kept Chicago Secret

Posted by Bailey on Jun 18, 2014

Big news! My half case of wine from Tuscany recently arrived. What does this mean for me? Well, it means that I’m going to be the happiest girl for the next few weeks.















It also means that evenings out on the balcony during sunset will be phenomenal. What does this mean for you, on the other hand? Ha. Let’s just say that it’s a wise idea for you to turn your phone off. If you don’t, here’s what will inevitably happen:


I will send you ultra sappy, novel-style texts. In those texts, I will profess my love of toasted brioche, Dole crushed pineapple, and you. You will learn that I adore you, and you will learn how you have impacted my life. We’re going to be friends until we’re 580-years-old, whether you plan on living that long or not. I also love Jon Hamm. A lot. If I have my way, I will become Mrs. Hamm. Please excuse me while I go and eat an entire jar of Nutella.


But, Bailey, what happens if there is music playing?

I will let you know all about “that powerful feeling” that the music gives me. Do you get that feeling, too? Do you feel it? Just close your eyes and let Billy Ocean convince you of all the reasons why you should get out of his car. It will set you free.

How about movies?

Have you seen the documentary, Somm? If I am watching it, I will give you the full play-by-play, making it completely unnecessary for you to even ponder renting it. Following this, I will get obscenely annoyed that one of the Sommeliers confused a French Sancerre with a Spanish Albariño during the Master Sommelier exam. What a dumb-dumb head.

Look! Fireworks at Navy Pier are going off!

At this point in the evening, you should expect to be sent an infinite amount of pictures of colorful blobs. You won’t know what these are. However, I will probably post these on Instagram with a mile-long description in hashtags. That will explain everything.

Wine CoolerYou should know that The Chopping Block’s wine selection is one of the best kept secrets in the city of Chicago. All of our wines range from $11-$30, and there is a not a bad bottle in the bunch. Stop by, make yourself a mixed case, and join in the fun of keeping your best friend awake until dawn. Cin Cin, my friends!



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