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A Most Romantic Wine

Posted by Viktorija on Feb 3, 2015

Let’s face it, February is tough. Winter is in full swing, the skies are dark, the cold fierce. Then, there is the pressure of Valentine’s Day. If you are single, all that Valentine’s Day talk is not inspiring. If you are not single, you obsess about what to cook, what wine to serve. Well, there is a wine that will make you enjoy February: rosé! It’s the most romantic, the most democratic, the most sunshine-like wine.

Margui by the lake












Let me explain.

I know people who never touch red wine (something about headaches, a different topic for a different day), but welcome rosé with open arms. And many red wine drinkers shun whites (who knows why), but will happily sip rosé. When rosé walks into a room, all disputes over white vs red vanish. It’s a love fest!


Photo Credit François Millo
Photo Credit François Millo

I’d like to think I have brought many couples closer by suggesting they share a bottle of rosé. I used to work in a wine store and this was quite common: a couple walks in looking for a wine for dinner or to take to a BYOB restaurant. He prefers red, she prefers white (yes, the roles were usually those). Trust me, there is no romance with a half bottle of red and a half bottle of white. But a bottle of rosé…. not only can that bridge the wine preference gap, but it also makes food preferences easier to pair with wine.


Photo Credit François Millo

Perfect pairing for vegetarian dishes? Rosé, with its freshness and lighter body. Sushi? Rosé makes the flavors dance, even when wasabi is involved. A little spice? If you have some to one of my classes, you already know red wine is not your friend. But rosé soothes the palate. Have no idea what’s for dinner? Make sure you have a bottle of rosé ready, it’s your only hope to striking a good pairing.

No more anxiety about what the right wine is for the occasion!

And, let’s face it: one look at the vibrant color of rosé is enough to bring sunshine to your day. Yes, I know, in class I teach you not to choose wine by the label, shape of the bottle and other trappings that say nothing about quality. But in the case of rosé I am telling you it’s okay to love the color, too.

Photo Credit François Millo
Photo Credit François Millo

We'll be sure to discuss rose in my March wine class The Building Blocks of Wine: Making Sense of French Wine on Sunday, March 6 at Lincoln Square. Join me!


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