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Gluten-Free Homemade Dog Treats

  As far as I know, my dog Mica is not gluten intolerant, but I figure if I can easily make a treat for my dog without flour, why add it? I try and be very careful with what I eat, so it only makes ...

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Short Ribs and Chili Biscuits – A Delicious Winter Meal

  It’s finally gotten cold in Chicago which means it’s the perfect time for whipping out that Dutch oven and braising something delicious! On a recent day off, I called my mom to ask for her recipe ...

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A Chef’s Tour of Lyon, France

  When the prestigious James Beard Foundation predicted the resurgence of French cuisine in 2017, we thought it was an ideal time to visit Lyon, France’s capital of gastronomy, to stop at our ...

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How to Throw a Kids' Pizza Party

  Everybody loves pizza. Whether it's New York all the way or Chicago-style only, neapolitan crust or deep dish, pizza is something I think people of all ages can get behind. I recently had my niece ...

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These Crispy Shrimp Will Leave Your Guests 'Wonton' More

  Holiday times seem to bring us to the kitchen a lot more than the rest of the year. We entertain at home or go out to holiday parties and bring food with us to share. Last month, I gave you an ...

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Go Dutch Baby

  Dutch Babies have been a Forneret-family obsession since we first discovered them at a pancake house in Palm Springs many years ago. Eggy, crisp and lightly sweet, these instantly became a ...

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Wine Hacks: Turn Your Cocoa into Liquid Velvet

  We just wrapped up the One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart, and I spent the weekend sampling wine or hot chocolate to nearly everyone who walked through our doors. A select few got a taste ...

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What's in your Knife Drawer?

  Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to find in those less-frequently accessed corners of your kitchen drawers. In our case, it was the discovery of knives made by a family whose ...

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Fermented Garlic Honey

  If you’ve never fermented anything before, but are interested in trying, this raw fermented garlic honey is the easiest and most approachable place to start! 

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Homemade Ice Cream… in a Vitamix?

We all know the Vitamix blender makes the best frozen cocktails, and it was one night, after a stellar round of Pina Coladas, I was inspired to make a pineapple sorbet with leftover frozen pineapple ...

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