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Recipes + Grocery Lists + iOS App = MyRedBag

Patrick Burgess
Posted by Patrick Burgess on May 19, 2017


As you may have heard, The Chopping Block has recently partnered with the iOS app MyRedBag to help make your at-home cooking experience easier and more enjoyable!


The experience surrounding food should be much more than the final act of eating. Deciding what to cook, proper ingredients, and the cooking itself are social experiences that should bring family and friends closer, and make the meal itself that much more enjoyable. 

What is MyRedBag, you may ask? MyRedBag is a one stop solution for recipes, ingredients and grocery lists.

MyRedBag lets you easily discover recipes you are interested in, fill out your meal plan for the week, and import needed ingredients into shopping lists. You can also scan and type addition items (toothpaste, paper towels – yep, need those too). Then share your list with friends and family to make shopping as a team easier. 

You can search recipes from other users/influencers or import from external sites to find new ideas for your kitchen. And you can share recipes with the community as a whole including your own so others can taste your special creations. MyRedBag even lets you find stores in your area. 

So after you have your needed tools and learned new cooking skills from The Chopping Block, make sure to check out all their great recipes and others on MyRedBag to inspire you this week! 

Their Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Garlic & Herbs is a foolproof recipe for roasting the perfect chicken. Your chicken will be golden brown and gleaming, tender and juicy. Enjoy! 

roasted chicken recipe

MyRedBag is available on the app store: https://appsto.re/us/sREH5.i

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