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Bacon Inside a Burger is Better

We are pleased to introduce Food Comics from The Chopping Block where our resident Cartoonist Tom O'Brien illustrates his cooking adventures. Here, he shows us how to make a Rosemary Bacon Burger ...

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The Best Burgers in Chicago: VPT

Let's face it; springtime in Chicago hasn’t been the most exciting thus far. With my seasonal allergies acting up, random downpours of rain, and being pelted by snow recently, I really need something ...

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10 American Foods Foreigners Find Weird

When you hear “America”, what foods come to mind? When I first visited the United States in 2009, I was overwhelmed by how food here differed from the Russian diet: lots of new products, interesting ...

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Grillin’ and Chillin’

I really give my grill a good workout this time of year. But I haven't always had a love affair with my grill.

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Hawaiian Wedding Part 3: Local Favorites

One of the best things about Kauai, Hawaii is the cultural mix. There are American, Asian, Pacific Islander and South American influences all over the island, especially in the food. One of the ...

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I Dream of Hamburgers

If you have ever seen my work desktop or laptop, personal computer, or telephone home screen, then you have probably seen this glorious picture.

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Lincoln Square's Good Eats & Drinks

One of the biggest perks of working at The Chopping Block is that I get to be in Lincoln Square every day. Nestled in the armpit of Lawrence, Western and Lincoln, this neighborhood is host to lovely ...

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From the Grind to the Grill

You know that almost indescribable moment when you first bite into a burger and you’re immediately transported to another world? I hope you‘ve had the pleasure of experiencing this burger nirvana, ...

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Camping Food: From Trail Mix to RumChata French Toast

Does anyone remember a movie from the 80’s where one of the opening scenes is a kid packing his duffle bag for camp, when he decides to dump all of his clothes out and fill the duffle bag with candy? ...

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Good Things Come In Packages

No, I’m not talking about your favorite bag of chips or type of candy, I’m talking about the joy of food that is bundled, swaddled, wrapped or enclosed in some way. I think there’s something very ...

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