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Hand Butchered Meat: A Dying Art Revived

  I’m a true ‘Chicago culinary foodie geek’ and my husband Mark is a true ‘Chicago history buff geek,’ so sometimes our conversations result in amazing and interesting treasure hunts. We recently ...

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Last Meals across the World

I began a strict 28-day cleanse today. I can no longer indulge in anything that isn’t a fruit or vegetable. You heard me, NADA. It made me think about all of the wonderful foods I wanted to enjoy one ...

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Why You Should Always Have a Camera When You Cook

When you have a dinner party and you have to write a blog a few days later, you might want to have a camera nearby to take photos of that gorgeous and delicious meal that you just prepared. However, ...

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How to Encourage your Child to Cook

The kitchen is where families gather to relax, share stories and have meals together. It's also the place to create family cooking time. Parents can teach their children how to help in the kitchen, ...

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Itadakimasu / A Memory

Snow falls with thick flecks on neighboring firs. A silent bow serves as my welcoming. Through a nearby window, rays of light gently pour across the wooden surface below and highlight the steam ...

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How to Pull Off a Dinner Party in One Hour

Months ago, a dear friend of mine asked me to host a dinner party for his upcoming birthday. Seeing as how I love to entertain, I enthusiastically agreed! And then, I forgot.

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Couscous: The Food So Nice They Named it Twice

I recently took myself on a food adventure, which translates into "Lauren attempts to make a food she's never tried before but constantly hears how delicious it is".

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Juicing: To Nosh and Nourish

One of my friends gave me a juicer a year ago. It was a beautiful piece of machinery that cost him $400 bucks, and I would be a total FOOL to pass on this. This friend of mine, who shall remain ...

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Cooking with your Kids

I had the real gift of growing up in a home where I felt like I was a valuable part of my family. I always felt like my mom needed me, no matter my age or skill level. I grew up on an acreage and we ...

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Posner Family Values

For the past five years, I have lived 300 miles away from my parents. I set off to the big city of Chicago, as young people filled with wanderlust so often do, and my parents stayed behind in our ...

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