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5 Things Everyone Should Know How to Cook

  I'm not a chef. I've only worked one job in a kitchen... well, it was more of a garage, and all I did was chop fruit and vegetables for a salad bar. When I started at The Chopping Block I could ...

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Is Rinsing Rice Really Required?

  Even though it's a staple the world over, making a really good pot of rice is harder than it looks. There's a reason those boil-in-a-bag things took off, you know. Let's assume you don't have a ...

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Arroz con Pollo: One-Pot Family Favorite

  I have to admit that the inspiration for this dish came from an effort to clean out my freezer. We always have some frozen protein stashed somewhere in there, since I like to buy the family-size ...

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My Vegetarian Challenge

I love meat. There it is. Not to make it sound like we don’t enjoy eating vegetables alongside our meat-centric dinners (along with the occasionally entirely vegetarian meal), but my family is a ...

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Curry Craving

I can’t seem to get enough Thai food lately. I’m not sure if my body is craving the spice to kick this nasty summer cold I can’t seem to shake, or if I’m just obsessed with the flavors and colors. ...

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An Ode to a Day Off: My Cuban Adventure

Let's talk about inspiration. Lately, it's been lacking in my life. Even writing this blog post, I twiddled my thumbs and looked at Pinterest to no avail. So, I gave up. I thought, there isn't ...

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A Holiday Tradition from Denmark: Risalamande

At this time of the year, many of us remember old family recipes and traditional foods we yearn for nostalgically during the holidays. Several years ago, we were fortunate to host a student from ...

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Why Isn't Everyone Excited about my Vegetarian Diet?

I had a friend from Boston visit this past weekend, and I set out to show her what it's like to live in Chicago. A true New Englander, she arrived wearing the classic LL Bean boots, commented ...

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Rolling Sushi: Where to Buy Ingredients in Chicago

Chicago is a good place to find quality sushi bars and restaurants. I really enjoy going out for a fantastic sushi meal, but only on occasion since it can be quite pricey. Last week, I got really ...

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It's a Good Time to Be Gluten Free

When I first cut gluten out of my life almost four years ago, I mourned the loss of all the items on restaurant menus that were now forbidden. Pizza, sandwiches, pasta, cakes, pies, most Chinese ...

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