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Mushrooms On My Mind: The Tale of a Fungi

"Yuck! Mushrooms!" How many times have I heard that exclamation from the mouths of kids (and many of my beloved adult friends and family). If you are a mushroom hater, I understand you: the texture ...
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Reconstructing Ramen

“Everything old is new again.”
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Takeout Turnaround: Make Pad Thai at Home

With both my wife and I being very busy these days, I am always looking for ideas for quick weeknight meals.
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Iron Chef Throwdown

I had the luxury of competing in a recent Iron Chef competition with one of my fellow chefs, Ed (aka Sarge). The event was intended to entertain our 60 guests and give them a piece of real-time ...
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Acid and Fat: The Yin and Yang of Cooking

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The Power of Polenta

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Simply Delicious: Maiale al Latte (Milk-Braised Pork)

  The classic Italian dish of Maiale al latte (milk-braised pork) is one of my favorite...Read more

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