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Wines to Make Friends With

Posted by Viktorija on Mar 14, 2016

Did the title get you wondering what this post is about? Great! Keep reading. Because the wines I talk about will most certainly help you make new friends. So, you should befriend them…

Meet Cremant, a French sparkling wine made in the same style as Champagne but outside the region of Champagne (and therefore not able to be called Champagne). Every wine lover—and most people who might not consider themselves wine lovers—adores bubbles. And what’s not to love? Bubbly wines, with their richness and complexity, do well at celebrations but also for everyday toasts.

BubblesMore complex than Prosecco and much more affordable than Champagne, Cremant elevates any occasion from a casual dinner with friends to a birthday celebration, even a date. It is also the perfect pairing for brunch foods, which often contain eggs and cream sauces, two things that are hard to pair with other wines.  

So, make friends with Cremant and watch your social circle expand.

Vouvray, one of the best-kept secrets of the wine world, is sure to make you a wine star among your friends. Whether you go for a sparkling one or a still off-dry version, this unpretentious and absolutely delightful food-friendly wine (which also happens to be well-priced) is guaranteed to elicit some praise. Serve it with cheeses such as Gruyere or Fontina or spicy dishes such as curry or fried rice and watch the evening turn into a delight.  

You prefer to make friends with red wine, you say? Meet Rioja, a full-bodied Spanish red that wins over even dedicated white wine lovers. Whether you’re enjoying jamon, grilled sausage, pasta with mushrooms or a slice of aged Manchego, this wine will befriend them well and be the center of the conversation. That’s just how Rioja is: sociable, versatile, scintillating and accessible.  

Explore any of these wines and you’ll have lots of delicious fun. The only danger is that your friends (new and old) will make you the designated fine wine person of the group. There are worse things, no? 

To expand your wine knowledge and discover some delicious wines, come to one of my wine classes or stop by one of our locations for a wine tasting and to pick a bottle. Happy sipping!


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