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Chef Dinner Series

This new series of classes highlights our chefs and the food that inspires them! Get to know our chefs at these intimate dinners featuring dishes they have created for these special occasions. From sushi to regional fare, you'll learn how to make food you haven't experienced like this before as you get an inside look into our chefs' personalities and talents. 

Chef Dinner: Mumbai to Marrakesh: The Spice House

Take an exciting trip with our Stephanie Cascio and Chef Melissa Novak as they show you how to transform simple ingredients into complex and bold flavor combinations. Stephanie and Melissa love working with spices from around the world, and they want to share their passion with you by preparing a worldly feast that's not only full of layers of flavors, but gluten free, vegetable forward and health conscious, too. It's their mission to teach you how healthy food can be bold and exciting, so jump on the Marrakesh express and join Stephanie and Melissa on a culinary journey! . 

Menu Includes:

    • Salmon Tartar with Harissa Vinaigrette and Cucumber Slices

    • Curried Broccoli-Cheese Soup with Nutritional Yeast and Feta

    • Bhaingan Bharta (Eggplant and Tomato Curry) with Endive Leaves

    • Ras El Hanout Lamb Rack with Cauliflower Rice, Roasted Spiced Vegetables and Apricot-Date Chutney

    • Coconut-Lemongrass Flan with Blueberry, Lychee and Mint Salsa

    • Spiced Almond Flour Cookies and Masala Chai Tea

Adult beverages paired with the meal are available for an additional $40. 1-week cancellation policy.

Location: Merchandise Mart


Monday 10-23-17
6PM - 9PM




Chef Dinner: A Very Vegan Holiday

Join us for a holiday-themed Chef's Dinner with our Ida Dolce and Chef Pete Fernandez as they show you that plant-based cuisine can be exciting, stimulating and even indulgent. Ida and Pete know the holiday season can be exciting for vegans because of the wonderful, flavorful and colorful produce in season, which can be transformed into beautifully festive dishes. However, the holiday season can also be challenging for many vegans, as it historically focuses on meat-centric menus. This vegan meal will feature fresh, seasonal, holiday ingredients, as well as highlight both classic and modern cooking techniques and staples every vegan should have in their kitchen arsenal. Whether you are vegan or not, you'll enjoy this festive feast! 

Menu Includes:

    • Delicata Squash and Chestnut Stuffing with Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salata

    • Caramelized Fennel and Cashew "Cheese" Filled Mezzelune Pasta with Saffron Beurre Blanc and Fried Shallots

    • Rosemary and Hazelnut-Crusted Seitan Chops with Red Wine-Cranberry Reduction, Garlicy Mashed Potatoes and Charred Broccolini

    • Cake Trio Including: Gingerbread Cake with Swiss Meringue Brûlée, Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake with Salt Block Pecan Brittle, Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Irish Buttercream

Adult beverages paired with the meal are available for an additional $40. 1-week cancellation policy.

Location: Merchandise Mart


Wednesday 11-29-17
6PM - 9PM



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