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Here is a small sampling of the organizations The Chopping Block supports:

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Zero Percent

Donations & Philanthropy

The Chopping Block is committed to giving back to our communities. Our philanthropy program supports like- minded organizations and invests in the quality of life in the Chicago neighborhoods in which we do business. We are dedicated to the same causes our customers and employees support.

Our philanthropy supports organizations in their efforts to:

  • Provide food and assistance to economically-challenged individuals and families in our area
  • Educate the public about healty eating habits, nutrition and overall traditoins
  • Advocate for sustainable agriculture and the preservation of culinary traditions
  • Educate and promote positive youth development
  • Protect and defend human rights
  • Empower and support women in the culinary field
  • Encourage art application

The Chopping Block is committed to philanthropy, but as a small business, we are simply not able to support every worthy cause. All donation requests should be submitted via our online form below in order to be considered by our Donations Coordinator.

Due to the high volume of donation requests The Chopping Block receives, we strongly encourage you to submit requests as early as possible and no later than 60 days before your donation deadline. All requests will be reviewed 1-2 months prior to the fundraising date, and causes that will receive donations will be notified by our Donations Coordinator. Contact donations@thechoppingblock.com with any questions. 

Donation Request Form

To be considered for a donation,we request that you to fill out submit this form with your Tax- Exempt Determination Letter or Donation Request Letter.