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  • The Chopping Blocks Story
    Our Story
    The Chopping Block opened in a small cottage in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1997. Owner Shelley Young came up with the idea for a recreational cooking school and antique store while on a cross-country journey.
  • The Early Days
    The Early Days
    Shelley taught each class herself at first, but began to grow her staff and the retail store as she found that many customers needed assistance in selecting kitchen equipment.
  • The Chopping Block Lincoln Square
    Lincoln Square
    The idea of a cooking school with a personal touch worked and in order to accommodate the growing demand for hands-on classes, The Chopping Block opened its second location in Lincoln Square in 2003.
  • The Chopping Block Merchandise Mart
    Merchandise Mart
    The original location moved to the Merchandise Mart in 2005, where an expansive 8000-square-foot space allowed The Chopping Block to accommodate Chicago’s growing interest in private cooking parties.
  • The Chopping Block Today
    The Chopping Block is one of the busiest cooking schools in the country, hosting hundreds of cooking classes and private events each month. Our mission is to get the country to cook.

Two Celebrations

Join us for two parties to celebrate our 20 years in business. Each celebration includes free cooking classes, our favorite classic dishes, wine and cocktail tastings, special retail discounts, games, giveaways (including a Culinary Boot Camp AND a private cooking party), cake, champagne and much more!

Saturday, April 1

10am- 5pm

Lincoln Square

Saturday, April 8


Merchandise Mart 


10% of all retail sales during each celebration will be donated to Susan G. Komen and the fight against breast cancer in honor of Chef Shelley Young's mother Irene.

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Join Us for Our Birthday Bashes

Lincoln Square Saturday, April 1 10am-5pm

Chef Schedule

Sean Gartland Chef, Feast Cooking School in Flint, MI 10:30am 
Siobhan Straka Retail Manager/Buyer, River Valley Farmers Table 11:30am 
Sari Zernich Owner, mfk 1pm 
Jennifer Aranas Chef, author of The Filipino-American Kitchen 1:30pm
Shelley Young Chef/Owner, The Chopping Block 2:30pm 

Cake Cutting & Champagne Toast 4pm

Merchandise Mart Saturday, April 8 10am-5pm

Chef Schedule

Carolyn Engelmann Chef, Editor 10am   
Sara Salzinski Chef, The Chopping Block 10:30am
Janet Kirker Chef, Foodease Market 11:30am
Peter Tignor Chef, Firefighter 12pm
Hugh Amano Chef, Author of The Adventures of Fat Rice 1pm 
Rick Ortiz Chef/Owner, Antique Taco 1:30pm 
Shelley Young Chef/Owner, The Chopping Block 2:30pm 
Abraham Conlon Chef/Owner, Author of The Adventures of Fat Rice 3pm

Cake Cutting & Champagne Toast 4pm

For more information about The Chopping Block's history and where we're going in the future, read our media release

Our Featured Chefs 


Shelley Young
The Chopping Block 


Hugh Amano
Chef, Author


Jennifer Aranas
Chef, Author


Quincy Bissic
The Chopping Block


Carrie Bradley
The Chopping Block


Abraham Conlon
Fat Rice


Lisa Counts
The Chopping Block


Carolyn Engelmann
Chef, Editor


Sean Gartland
Feast Cooking School


Janet Kirker
Foodease Market


Rick Ortiz
Antique Taco


Sara Salzinski
The Chopping Block


Mario Scordato
The Chopping Block


Siobhan Straka
River Valley Farmers Table


Peter Tignor
Chef, Firefighter


Sari Zernich Worsham