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And a Happy National Smile Power Day to you, too!

Posted by Chloe on Jun 15, 2012

As this blog is being posted, most of the American world will be celebrating National Smile Power Day. A beautiful and glorious event celebrated with decorating the traditional Smiles Tree, exchanging and mirroring each other’s happy faces, and everyone crowding around the old Grinning Log to make a wish.

I love a good holiday. I look forward to any legitimate reason to get festive, coordinate a themed outfit, or make a meal that seemingly fits in with the holiday that we’re celebrating. So now you’re all probably saying, ‘Chloe, stop right there. With the exception of Flag Day and the birth of the Olsen twins there are no real holidays in June!’ Pshaw! There are PLENTY! And they’re legit and normal and well-known and not weird. I promise!

I’m here to show you how to spice up the boring, old cook-out and turn a humdrum beach picnic into something the gulls will be squawking about for years to come. Here are some holidays for the second half of June you can sink your teeth into and personal suggestions on how to fill-up on culinary fun.

June 16 - World Juggling Day - As a person with a circus background, I adore this. Add some jazzed-up concession stand items to your day, like popcorn or cotton candy. The truffle salt we carry at The Chopping Block is a delicious addition to popcorn. Also, Jelly Belly makes a ridiculous cotton candy syrup that seems relatively versatile, and in the worst case scenario you can chug it and spend the next 17 hours teaching yourself to juggle (on a sugar high)!

June 18 - International Picnic Day - Add a fun, exotic item to your picnic with chocolate covered ants. Also, dress up like an ant. Especially if this is a date situation. Wear a cute red gingham skirt and an ant costume. If he doesn’t get it, he ain’t worth it, girl!

June 19 -National Martini Day and World Sauntering Day - Spend your day trying new combos of liquor, juices and syrups. I’m currently on a St. Germain (elderflower liqueur) and cucumber vodka kick. Don’t forget about World Sauntering day, which I think works well with the martinis. Practice in a front of a mirror, so it doesn’t look like it’s your first World Sauntering Day. I’m doing it right now, and it’s terrifying.

June 20 - National Ice Cream Soda Day- The combination of carbonation and dairy makes me nauseous, so I’m skipping this holiday.

June 21 - Go Skateboarding Day - Channel your inner grunge by drinking Mountain Dew and shreddin’ some stuff. Like cabbage and veggies for an easy and delicious slaw.

June 22 - National Onion Ring Day - Go on an Onion Ring Crawl and hit the hottest spots in town for the fried delicacy. Check out 25 Degrees, Moody’s, and the Grafton, which Yelpers agree are the bastions of onion ringatude.

June 23 - Soap Opera Day - Take this day to throw drinks- everywhere. Add some beer into your marinade, throw some red wine in your reduction, or add some whiskey to your coffee. Let’s get the drama started!

June 24 - Swim a Lap Day - Regardless of what you eat, you have to wait 6 hours before you can do anything else. Mom’s rules. Also, leave Baby Ruths off the menu.

June 28 - Paul Bunyan Day - For today’s meal, the only tool you can use is the biggest, rustiest axe you can find. Your carrots may have a real rough cut, but you’ll feel like a man.

June 29 - Waffle Iron Day - Go crazy with your waffle! For example, if I made one now from the ingredients around my desk, it would have dried apricots, crushed up Twix candies and pistachios nuts. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I did leave out the more embarrassing things in my desk area, including old batteries, a taco bell sauce packet and vitamins I never take. That would be a TERRIBLE waffle.

And don’t forget! June is National Safety Month. Safety is key in the kitchen. Take a hint from me, better safe than sorry!















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