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Candy Crush

Posted by Carrie on Apr 9, 2013

candycrushYes, I am one of the many addicted to the game. It makes me crave chocolate covered sprinkled donuts for game purposes and consumption, and serves the purpose of mind numbing entertainment for countless hours. At least the creator was smart enough to give you a 20 minute break when you run out of lives or else you pay, which I refuse to do.

reeseseggI have a real Candy Crush/weakness too. It only happens once a year. It’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Hands down, the best chocolate to peanut butter ratio ever invented. I have to keep myself from the candy clearance isles this time of year, or it’s Bad News Bears for my weight and my complexion. I know it’s been said that chocolate doesn’t cause blemishes, but I’m still convinced that it does.

I’ve never been a fan of hard candy. I’m more of a chewy, chocolaty, caramel kind of gal. Don’t get me started on the chocolate covered caramels with sea salt. Speaking of chocolate covered caramels… if you’d like to make your own, learn how by watching one of our Google hangouts with Chef Ethan Pikas!

What’s your Candy Crush?




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