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A Dog's Ode to Bacon

Posted by Chloe on Jul 29, 2013

Summer is in full swing, kids! I’m sure right now you are on a boat, playing croquet, grilling out or applying a good layer of SPF 95. I am a huge fan of summer. I love being hot, eating snow cones and making homemade slip-n-slides. I found myself discussing this with my dog, Howdy, the other day. He’s a relatively new addition to the household, and everyday I find myself discovering something new about him.

Howdy WritingFor example, he’s quite the poet! After our conversation about summer, he immediately got a pen and paper. Twenty minutes later, he had written the following haikus (in almost perfect cursive). I thought they were quite fun, and figured I would share them with you!

Howdy’s Haikus About Summer Foods

Mouth parched tongue needs wet

Iced tea extra ice is nice

Talk about hot dog

Kibble bits okay

Let’s think outside the box please

Summer squash better

GrillingGrill congregations

Bicker over sauce and rubs

I hope something falls

Who’s got my sun hat?

This summer sun could burn me

Who’s got my bacon?

Playing with a ball

But come on, dude, it’s summer!

Rather chase a peach

Hot dog on the ground

Slathered with only ketchup

Isn't this Chi-town?

Bacon TreeHarvest the garden

The tomatoes need plucking

Where’s the bacon tree?

Eat watermelon

Is this a contest or what?

I will defeat all

Dining al fresco

Humans eat under the stars

Dogs eat anywhere

Tomato sandwich

Slicing heirlooms and gouda

Perhaps add bacon?

baconThe smell of bacon

I love the smell of bacon

The smell of bacon

Summer lovin’ rules

John Travolta had it right

Song’s about bacon?

I noticed a theme with some of those, did you?

Now it’s your turn. Write a summer haiku about your favorite food or activity to do during the season!

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