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The Time Machine in your Kitchen

  We are all time travelers. We all go about our daily lives traveling into the future at a rate of one minute per minute. As far as we can tell though, time just sweeps us along toward some ...

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Beef Paprikash: A Cold-Weather Cure

  Like many of you, when it was ridiculously cold last week, I went into survival mode. In addition to filling my gas tank and changing my furnace filter, I also made sure we had plenty of wine in ...

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Put your Slow Cooker to Work this Holiday Season

  There's a dish I love to make during the holiday season, especially now that it's getting colder. I served it on Friendsgiving this year, but it's very non-traditional in many ways.

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Picking Stew Meats Made Simple

  When the weather outside is frightful and your belly craves something delightful…. That may not be an award-winning version of the song, but the concept of hunkering down in the cold months and ...

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Short Ribs and Chili Biscuits – A Delicious Winter Meal

  It’s finally gotten cold in Chicago which means it’s the perfect time for whipping out that Dutch oven and braising something delicious! On a recent day off, I called my mom to ask for her recipe ...

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Short Ribs are Not Short on Flavor

  If you aren't craving Thanksgiving leftovers today, I have a dish that is hearty and satisfying and also helps warm up the house on a cold day. Better yet, it's not turkey!

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Taking Things Slow with your Crock Pot

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am not a lazy person. I know, I know: The Queen doth protest too much! But we all have our moments. We all have our days. Those days when we come home ...

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Me, Stew and Ragu

When I saw the menu for our Stews and Ragus class at the Merchandise Mart last week, I couldn’t help but cross my fingers and hope there were still seats available! Let me just say, I lucked out and ...

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All About that Braise

No treble (a.k.a – high temperature and fast) – low and slow is the temp and tone. Yes, I’m a band geek and often play a game in my head when someone says a random phrase or word. I automatically ...

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Spanish-Style Braised Short Ribs are Long on Flavor

There are two things I will always try at a restaurant if they are on the menu: short ribs and duck. While neither one is all that difficult to cook, there are a few key factors that I look for in ...

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