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How Homemade Ravioli Can Change the World

Several years ago, my brothers and I planned to recreate a meal from my parents’ favorite restaurant for their Christmas present. Before we knew it, we were hand-rolling pasta dough for the first ...

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Is There a FoodMD?

After spending countless hours on WebMD, I still am unable to diagnose my current disease. I’ve been plagued with this illness for what seems like an eternity. It’s horrible. I don’t wish this on my ...

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Memorable Scents

Did you know that your sense of taste is directly connected with your sense of smell? That's the reason why you can’t taste anything and don’t really crave anything to eat when you have a cold. The ...

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Incredible (Edible) India

Now that it’s beginning to feel like winter in the Windy City, I can’t help but think about warmer climates far far away. And in my experience, it doesn’t get much warmer than Northern India in the ...

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Food: Transforming America's Table, 1950-2000

Were you a "good eater" as a kid? If you weren't - how old were you when that finally changed?

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Three Healthy Resolutions for Food Lovers

Forty-five percent of people make resolutions every year, but only 8% keep them. The most common resolutions are health-focused such as lose weight and eat healthier. The reason people don’t follow ...

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