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Tailgating Time

Dust off your favorite hoodie, put on your fan gear like it's the latest fashion trend and get ready for some good old fashioned tailgating action. We are now into week 8 of football season. It is ...

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Turkey Thyme

Everyone knows the most quintessential holiday menu item is turkey. Turkey has been a staple in most of our lives for as long as we can remember. We probably see turkeys in our memories resting ...

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Savoring Stock with Leftovers

Now that we know how to make our own homemade stock from scratch, we need something to make with it. A good stock can be used to increase the depth of sauces, add flavor to soups or my wife’s ...

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It's Soup Season, So Let's Make Stock

A fall chill is in the air and that always makes me excited to make soup. I always keep a supply of good store-bought stock on hand but when I can, I love to make my own. It just gives soup that much ...

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The Chopping Block Classics: Revolutionized

Tonight’s dinner was Fried Chicken, Potato Salad and Apple Pie. I know you must think I have fallen off of the healthy eating bandwagon, but I assure you my friends this is NOT the case. I recently ...

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The Dog Days of Summer

Here is a hot little story that hopefully, not too many of you can relate to. The Chopping Block has a plot of soil in the local community garden in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. Our employees ...

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Milk... It Does Meat Good

As the dog days of summer approach, it will soon be too hot to cook in the kitchen. However, the terrace in my backyard is done, the grass has grown in and the trees provide ample shade. It is now ...

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Help! My Dinner Needs an Ambulance

Have you ever felt that your meal was, well…. lifeless? Have you ever sat down to dinner and realized that the finished product had “flat lined”? If so, you’re not alone! Don’t be embarrassed because ...

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Arugula: a Vegetable and a Lesson

I taught the Spring Veggie 101 class last night and we made an arugula pesto that was outstanding. The menu is studded with lots of other seasonal darlings: fava beans, asparagus, green garlic and ...

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Spring Forward with New Classes and Menus

It’s time to put away the crock pots and bust out the grills, people! Spring is upon us and so are all of the new and fresh menus that populate the April class calendar.

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