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Say Cheese Balls

They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors this time of year. Some are small and orange – of the cheddar variety, typically covered in sliced almonds; some boozy and jazzed up with ...

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Sowing Season

If it wasn't already abundantly clear from my previous two posts, autumn is undeniably my favorite time of year. Autumn (at least for me) means the arrival of brisk weather, mornings with visible ...

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Don’t Follow that Recipe

Ok, maybe follow it a little. That’s my motto for making soup these days. I have been on a soup kick ever since the fairly fall-like weather set in—a little too early this year, I must say! So, right ...

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Hold the Salt

When I was about 3 years old, after continuously being sick to my stomach and seeing several doctors, one of the doctors figured out that I was allergic to cow’s milk. This meant that I was unable to ...

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Lazy Summer Dinners

Lazy is far from how summer makes me feel, but when the mercury rises above 85 and the humidity feels as though it envelops you the moment you step foot out the door, lazy seems to come on awfully ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

After what has seemed to be the longest winter in history, we have finally reached what appears to be summer. Spring may have been slightly skipped over this year, but at least we were able to enjoy ...

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Spring has Sprung

It's the time of year where we wish our April days away for the warmer weather that lies ahead. I have noted on my daily stroll to and from the train for work that there are signs all around me that ...

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Chicago Garden

I grew up homesteading and living off of the vegetables we grew, so having a vegetable garden has always been a way of life. I have never been able to shake the desire to play in the dirt or to ...

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