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4 Steps to Eating and Feeling Good this Holiday Season

  The single biggest day of eating has come and gone so we can all breathe a sigh of relief, right? We indulged until we couldn’t handle another bite and then we fell asleep right on the floor.  If I ...

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Easy and Edible Holiday Gifts

  It’s the time of year for gifting. I don't know about you, but whether it's for a co-worker, the host of a party you're attending, or family members - there are a lot of people on my Christmas list ...

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Profiteroles: An Elegant and Easy Way to Say Happy Holidays

  There's no need to spend hours in the kitchen concocting a laborious dessert this holiday season. Let's embrace the “less is more” mantra, and make a stunning (but do-able) dessert that will ...

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Be a Better Baker with our New Holiday Guide

December is the only month of the year when it's perfectly acceptable to set the diets aside and let the cookies, candy and cake reign. After all, it's holiday baking time! But baking for a crowd, ...

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Sourcing the Classics for Holiday Baking

  Over the years, my family has curated a menu of holiday “must-haves.” Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potato recipes picked from Gourmet magazines of years past, Christmas beef tenderloin and ...

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Warm Up with Gluehwein this Holiday Season

  As a German living in Chicago for a while now, I have embraced the American holidays, especially Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is basically a “friends-giving” holiday since I usually spend it ...

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Eat Healthy During the Holidays

To me, holiday meals are all about quality—sharing the best meal you can with the best people you know. It’s not about having the most complicated dishes, the most expensive ingredients, the most ...

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