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Picking Fresh Blueberries? Make Scones

My mom and I just got back from a trip to Michigan for a long weekend. One thing neither one of us had done before is pick blueberries so we quickly remedied that! They are one of our favorite fruits ...

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Vanilla Bean Scones

  My daughter and son-in-law go to Starbuck’s at least once a day. Sometimes twice! When they lived with me, they would always ask me if I wanted anything, and usually I said no (that’s the frugal ...

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Scones, Biscuits and Shortcakes

  I regularly make scones or biscuits for breakfast as a special treat. I love making these for so many reasons but especially because I think it is nearly impossible to find a good scone, or at ...

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Gluten-Free Scones that are actually Delicious

  Delicious gluten-free scones? Can they exist? I often find it hard to describe gluten-free breads as delicious, but it's not for lack of trying. My mom has been gluten-free for years, and she ...

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Cool Weather is Baking Time 

  I have spent the last couple of weeks journaling my recent wilderness trip. I was hoping to have it ready in time for this month's blog, but stay tuned for it next month! In the meantime, fall has ...

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A Better Butter

Years ago I visited a friend living in Ireland. We spent days bumping down country roads in broken-down buses, drank gallons of cider, and hours drying out our rain-soaked everything. I loved the ...

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