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The Perfect Strawberry Pie

  Until I was seven years old, I lived on a small homestead - my grandparents lived on one side and my great grandparents on the other. We grew sweet corn, my grandparents grew green beans, my great ...

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A Salad for Strawberry Season

  Strawberry season leaves me swooning! I can’t help it. For me, it’s the sign that Summer has really, truly arrived… and with it, all the fresh and wonderful foods that the season brings. With this ...

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Shrub Cocktails All Summer Long

As life slowly returns to some semblance of what it was like in 'before times', I've been thinking back over the past year. Most of it was pretty awful thanks to the pandemic, but there were a few ...

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Yes, You Can Make Pop Tarts from Scratch

  I was feeling a bit ambitious this past weekend, and decided to try making pop tarts from scratch. I thought it would be a really great way to start Father’s Day morning, and my husband and kids ...

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Seasonal Fruit Curds

  I love pretty much anything lemony, and lemon curd is way, way up at the top! I use it on all sorts of things from slathering it on scones and muffins to topping a tart to swirling it into my ...

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Strawberry Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

  One of the biggest sources of inspiration in the kitchen for me are old and classic recipes. One of my most formative kitchen experiences was working in a innovative diner. It specialized in making ...

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Life Doesn’t Get Much Better than Beer Floats

I recently had a little snafu with jam-making. That is, I forgot to put pectin in my jam. So it was syrup.

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Pretty in Pink Cupcakes

I did it! I actually made a cupcake that wasn’t dry or tough. This statement might confuse you since I’m a chef instructor at the Chopping Block, but when you have kids helping you mix the batter, ...

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My Favorite Strawberries

As a child, my next door neighbors started growing strawberries on the side of their house. This side of their house happened to be closest to our house and my watchful eyes. You see, strawberries ...

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The Scarbolo and Mac-N-Cheese Pizza Incident

It’s no secret. I have a love affair with wine that surpasses my love affair with Billy Ocean dance parties. Literally speaking, there are days when the grapey stuff actually makes me squeal with ...

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