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Sweet Potatoes are not Boring

  It's that time again for everyone to commit to healthy foods and exercise. Lots of people are amped about getting on the self-betterment train and go all in with meal prep, special workouts and ...

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Welcome Fall with Sweet Potato Bisque

My late husband finally understood how much I love soup once he gave me a cookbook with 101 soup recipes. I can eat it all year round. I especially love coming up with soups using leftovers at the ...

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Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes

I have never worked from home before. With everything that is going on in the world, I am thankful that my day job allows me to work from home now. For one, my commute used to be three hours round ...

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Winter Squash Biscuits

I was recently in the mood to slow cook a spicy batch of chili on a cold Sunday afternoon. I wanted to cook and have the smell of savory food wafting through the house. Once the chili was in the ...

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Bourbon Spiked Sweet Potato Pie

  While I do love a good pumpkin spice latte, I’ve never really gotten on board with loving pumpkin pie (though I’ll admit, The Chopping Block’s is delicious!). Truthfully, I’ve never roasted my own ...

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The Mission Continues: Pie Tips & Time Savers

‘Tis the season for pies, and it’s an exciting time for a burgeoning pie aficionado like myself. Since my last post, I’ve continued my delicious journey through A Year of Pies and though most of my ...

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10 American Foods Foreigners Find Weird

When you hear “America”, what foods come to mind? When I first visited the United States in 2009, I was overwhelmed by how food here differed from the Russian diet: lots of new products, interesting ...

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Feast on Korean Food

My family and I recently experienced a true Korean feast made with love by friends. The company was delightful, their hospitality went above and beyond, and the food blew us away. I learned they had ...

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Cooking for Dogs

I have two big loves in life: food and dogs. They aren't combined too often, but I used to make dog-friendly birthday cakes for my beagle, Rayme. We later switched to individual "pup-cakes" after I ...

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Argentina Here We Come

Since my last blog I have been using my spare time to perform some extremely important and pertinent research: the wines of Argentina and Chile. A trip to Argentina has been on our wish list of ...

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