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Football Food

We are in the height of football season right now, leading up to the Super Bowl. Chances are, you've got some football watching in your future! Whether you are hosting your own viewing party or contributing a dish to a potluck, our chefs have created a playbook you'll want to have on your team. This recipe collection includes our favorite football foods to make any party a winner with your guests!  

From cheesy, bready goodness to sweet treats, this recipe collection has it all, including advice on planning this type of party so you don't miss a play of the game.   

In our Football Food, you'll get:

  • A formula to follow to ensure your party menu is balanced and delicious,
  • Entertaining tips that will help you execute the perfect party play, 
  • Recipes that will score with your friends,
  • and a few healthy options (because it is January, you know).

Whether you are a face-painting die-hard football fan or someone who just comes to football parties for the food, The Chopping Block's recipe collection is a winner. Just fill out the form to download our Football Food.

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