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Let's Can, Pickle & Ferment


Preserving Food

Late-summer produce is the absolute best! Farmers markets are bursting with fruits and vegetables and if you have a garden, you are likely up to your ears in tomatoes and peppers right now. 

To best way to make summer last all year long is to preserve all of that fresh produce. You can do that by canning, pickling and fermenting your food. Many home cooks shy away from these food preservation methods because they are worried about safety, don't want to invest in the equipment or simply don't know where to start. While preserving fruits and vegetables is certainly an art, it’s also a step-by-step science that requires a good, knowledgeable guide with accessible recipes that have been thoroughly tested. That's where The Chopping Block comes in! 

In Let's Can, Pickle and Ferment, you'll get:

  • A description of each of these food preservation methods that we promise won't confuse you and how to tell the differences between each,
  • Necessary equipment to can, pickle and ferment at home (it's not as much as you might think!), 
  • Recipes for canning, pickling and fermenting that you can trust,
  • Videos to demonstrate the techniques,
  • and additional resources like how to host a canning party!

Whether you are a food preservation newbie or experienced at "putting food up," you'll learn something in our guide. Just fill out the form to download our Preserving Food.

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