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The Chopping Block's Cocoa Mix

You know something is good when the ingredient list is short and sweet, and you can pronounce everything on it. The Chopping Block’s blend of specialty chocolates and cocoa powder, sugar and a touch of salt creates the ultimate mug of creamy, rich, hot cocoa. It’s perfect to give as a unique gift for the holidays, as a local treasure made right here in Chicago or simply enjoyed at home with friends and family by the fire.

Product Details

  • Made with Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate, Belcolade white chocolate, Valrhona cocoa powder, vanilla, sugar and salt.
  • Mix with whole mix for the ultimate rich cup of creamy, hot cocoa.
  • Includes To/From lines right on the jar which makes gifting easy.
  • Made in The Chopping Block's kitchens by our culinary team.



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