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Gourmet Ingredient Kits for Virtual Private Events

WF_VerticalBrandmark_FullColor_RGB (1)We are thrilled to partner with Wild Fork to provide gourmet ingredients for select custom menus for our virtual private cooking events. Wild Fork's high-quality ingredients pair perfectly with our professional-level of instruction to bring your colleagues, friends, or family members together over food, no matter where you are located.

Choose from four custom menus featuring Wild Fork foods and have the ingredients delivered to your guests' home or office prior to the virtual private event:

Eat Like a Parisian

Roasted Escargot; Foie Gras on Brioche Crouton with Berry Compote; Roasted Chicken Breast with Herbs de Provence; Dill-Glazed Haricot Vert

Travel to the City of Lights by learning how to make an elegant yet approachable menu. Explore new ingredients such as escarcot and foie gras in your home kitchen and get expert advice on preparing them to perfection from our chef. Enjoy escarcot roasted with butter, garlic and parsley, for a delectable appetizer. Delight in toasted brioche topped with creamy, rich foie gras and sweet mixed berry compote. Herbs de Provence, an essential component of French cooking, turns bone-in chicken breast into an elevated entrée accompanied by Haricot Verts, a refined green bean.



Rustic Countryside Cooking

Roasted Rack of Lamb with Italian seasonings and Tuscan Quinoa with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes and Caramelized Onions

Enjoy a lean and tender meal of seared and roasted 100% grass-fed Australian rack of lamb with a mild, yet sweet flavor. Our chef will show you how to cook lamb properly and season it with an Italian seasoning blend to tie in all of the flavors of the Mediterranean. The lamb is complemented with a Tuscan blend of quinoa complete with fire-roasted mushrooms, kale, white beans and finished with the smoky sweet flavor of fire-roasted tomatoes. This elegant meal packs an umami punch!



Latin Flavors

Latin BBQ Rubbed Bacon-Wrapped Filet with Cilantro Fajita Rice

Master the art of cooking steak to perfection in your own kitchen! This USDA Choice Beef Center Cut Filet Mignon doesn’t need much to taste delicious, but our chef will show you how to cook the meat to your desired temperature. Learn the technique of wrapping meat in Applewood bacon for a bigger burst of flavor, and season it with a Latin BBQ rub to kick it up a notch. This steak pairs perfectly with steamed cilantro rice that’s been bumped up with a trio of sautéed bell peppers, corn, onions and garlic. These Latin-inspired gourmet dishes will be the easiest and best tasting meal you’ve ever prepared at home!



Pacific Coast Feast

Blackened Salmon and Sautéed Fingerling Potatoes with Black Beans, Corn and Peppers

King Salmon, caught on the Pacific Coast, are celebrated for their unmistakable buttery texture. Our chef will show you how to showcase that texture with blackening season featuring four different kinds of pepper and the sweetness of brown sugar. You’ll pan-fry the skin-on fish so that it explodes with flavor with a nice balance of sweet heat. The fish is best served with a tasty and colorful Fingerling potato hash featuring black beans, corn and bell peppers.


Ingredient Kit Details

The Chopping Block has selected Wild Fork to be the provider of ingredient kits for our virtual private events because they source a wide range of products, all connected by high standards of quality. Every product is carefully chosen and packed, like you were picking them yourself. And frozen is fresher! By purchasing food frozen at the peak of freshness you waste less and save more. Here are more details of our partnership:

  • A minimum $50 order is required to be eligible for Wild Fork delivery.
  • Estimated price for ingredients and delivery is $50-$75 depending on menu selected, weight of ingredients and shipping fee.
  • Ingredients are listed at the link with each menu offering, along with the quantity required to make four servings of the recipes.
  • Host and/or guests attending the virtual event who choose to participate in the optional add-on feature should order ingredients 7 days prior to virtual event date.
  • The optional add-on feature of ingredients, their quality, ordering process, payment, shipping and delivery will be directly serviced by Wild Fork. TCB is not responsible for this optional add-on feature of ingredients, pricing, ordering process, shipping, delivery or customer service associated with it.

See our Wild Fork Virtual Culinary Creations Menus

Ready to book your virtual private event with ingredient kits? Fill out the form on this page or click the button below to get started. 

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Hear what people are saying about our virtual private events

"It was an awesome event, and I received a lot of positive feedback from students afterwards. I loved how interactive the class was, and what a fun atmosphere the chef and moderator created by doing trivia throughout via the poll function on Zoom, answering participants' questions, sharing information about the food items we were using, and demonstrating cooking techniques. The pacing of the class was perfect, and I appreciated having cameras pointed right at the stovetop so I could easily look to that screen as an example. Thanks to the whole team at The Chopping Block for an awesome experience!"

~Maggie Rose , University of Chicago 

Ready to book your virtual private event with ingredient kits? Fill out the form.

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