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Chocolate Craze

Whether it's for Valentine's Day or just any day, chocolate sends all of the right signals. But you don't have to always purchase chocolate confections. We'll teach you everything you need to know about working with chocolate at home in our new Chocolate Craze guide. 

The Chopping Block has tapped into the knowledge of our resident chocolatier, Chef Erin Patsiopoulos, for this guide. You'll get a general lesson on the history of chocolate and how it is made, as well as essential tools. This may surprise you, but there's no fancy equipment needed! 

We'll also clear up the confusion surrounding the different types of chocolate available. You'll finally understand what the difference is between unsweetened, baking, bittersweet, dark, semisweet and white chocolate. Armed with this information, you'll never fear that baking aisle again!

In our Chocolate Craze, you'll get a comprehensive guide that covers what you should look for in a chocolate, including:

  • How to taste chocolate (think like a sommelier tastes wine),
  • How to buy chocolate, and
  • How to store chocolate.
We'll also cover techniques on working with chocolate such as:
  • Melting chocolate,
  • Tempering chocolate (and why you should do it), and
  • Piping chocolate.

We've selected eight different recipes to put your newfound chocolate skills to the test at home. From cakes to cookies to candy, these recipes will help you fine tune your chocolate competency and delight your friends and family at the same time! Just fill out the form to indulge your Chocolate Craze.

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