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Luxardo cherries
There’s a Riesling ...

There were all of three sommeliers in Chicago back in the 1980’s, but we were a feisty bunch and ...read more

Mary RossPosted by Mary Ross
On Feb 23, 2024 10:30:00 AM

Private Cooking Events 
We are now offering in-person (indoor and outdoor), virtual and hybrid private cooking events to keep your team cooking together. 
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We are "Chefstructors"
Armed with years of professional restaurant experience, our chefs are trained to teach and facilitate fun.
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Fish in Banana Leaf Home Box
Jamaica Me Crazy

Sweet, spicy, tangy and tropical! Let's get these flavors together and feel all right in this hands-on class.

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Squid Ink Pasta Home Box
Pasta Workshop 
Learn how to make your own fresh pasta dough, creating noodles of all shapes and sizes as well as seasonal sauces suited to each pasta. 
Prohibition Home Box
Chicago Mob Prohibition
We will weave stories and tales of the Chicago mobster era under prohibition, as you drink your way through the 18th Amendment with a classic cocktail, wines and beer.   
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Kung Pao Chicken SmallFeatured Recipe

Kung Pao Chicken

This classic Chinese takeout dish of stir-fried chicken, peanuts, and vegetables is easy to make at home.