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  • Virtual Class FAQ Header

Questions About Our Virtual Classes? We’ve Got Answers.

What can I expect in a virtual class?
What's the difference between demonstration and Cook Along classes?
What technology do you use for virtual classes?
How do I get the recipes for my class?
I didn't get an email. What do I do?
What is the price of a class?
How long are the classes?
Will I get to speak to the chef?
Can my child attend?
What can I do to be prepared for class?
What if I don't have one of the ingredients or need to make a substitution because of dietary restrictions?
How do I access my class?
Do I need to create a Zoom account to access this class?
What is your cancellation policy?
Will you record the class?
How do I provide my order number during class?
Can I pay for a virtual class with a gift card?
I've tried calling, but I can't reach anyone. What do I do?
Can I book a private virtual class?
Do you ever have to cancel a class?
I have a larger group of people I'd like to register for a class. How do I book a private group experience?