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CBC Home Box
Culinary Boot Camp 1
Learn to cook in just one week. Seriously. Our Culinary Boot Camp 1 is a professional culinary school education boiled down to just five days and designed for home cooks.
CBC2 Home Box
Culinary Boot Camp 2
Go even further with your culinary education with Culinary Boot Camp 2. You will delve deeper into new subjects and advanced cooking techniques.
Essential Building Blocks Home Page
Essential Building Blocks
Jump start your culinary journey with our new class designed to give you a solid foundation in the kitchen. If you are considering Culinary Boot Camp, this is the place to start!
Mushroom Sauce Home Box-1
Sauce Boot Camp
We'll teach you how to conquer all things sauce-related in this comprehensive, hands-on sauce class.
Mexico Boot Camp Box
The Secrets of Mexico Boot Camp 
Uncover the ancient traditions and modern techniques that make Mexican regional food so distinctly delicious in this hands-on immersion class.
Pasta Boot Camp
Pasta Boot Camp
You'll be amazed at how simple it is to make fresh pasta. Learn how to master a pasta roller as well as create rustic shapes by hand.
Artisanal Breads
From pita bread to challah, you'll learn how to switch up your bread baking with different flours, whole grains and yeast.
Vegetarian Boot Camp Home Box
Vegetarian Boot Camp
Broaden your palette of cooking techniques in this one-day immersion into vegetarian cooking.
Shakshuka Home Box
Mediterranean Boot Camp
Dive deep into the diverse and eclectic flavors of the Middle East, Turkey, Italy, Greece and North African countries in this intensive class.
Grilling Boot Camp
Learn the ins and outs of grilling with charcoal, gas and wood while learning tips and methods in brining, marinating, slow cooking, smoking, dry and wet rubs.