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Get Sauce Savvy
Take your cooking to restaurant level with sauces! Learn all about the classic Mother sauces as well as modern versions and the sauces chefs actually use today. 
Chocolate Craze
Chocolate is an exotic and mysterious ingredient but we'll teach you how to taste, buy, store and work with chocolate in this comprehensive guide. 
Knife Skills 101
The first step to great food is good knife skills. Get everything you need to know to sharpen up and practice your skills in the kitchen in this guide.
Cheers to 20 Years
We've taken our favorite dishes from over 20 years of teaching people how to cook and delivered it to you in one amazing recipe collection.


The Perfect Cocktail
There's certainly an art to making a good drink, but that doesn't mean you have to leave it to the pros. We'll teach you how to be confident with cocktails in this guide.
The Electric Dilemma
It can be hard to know which appliance to pull out of the cabinet sometimes. We break down the differences and when to use your food processor, blender and immersion blender.
Campfire Cooking

Camping can be downright civilized! Our guide includes recipes designed for an open fire as well as tips for taking everything into the wild.

Fourth of July Feast
It is possible to have a successful summer cookout without stressing. Our chefs have prepared a party menu to impress your guests, as well as time-saving tips to help you keep your cool.
Butcher at Home
Understanding different meat cuts and how to cook them is truly an art form. Once you master these techniques, you'll see the benefits of home butchery, including some pretty major cost savings.  


Wine & Food Pairing

The world of wine and food pairing can be vast, but this guide will give you a solid foundation to marrying these two together perfectly.

Clean Eating: Get Started
Unlock the healing and sustaining power of whole foods and learn how to eat clean with this comprehensive guide. It's not a diet; it's a lifestyle!
The Perfect Picnic
Summer in Chicago is meant for dining outdoors! Plan the perfect al fresco feast with our outdoor-friendly menu and clever chef tips to pack it all to go.
Football Food
Whether you are a face-painting die-hard football fan or someone who just comes to football parties for the food, this recipe collection is a winner. 
Gluten Free Gourmet
Living a gluten-free lifestyle is not a sentence to tasteless, boring food. This guide provides recipes and shopping tips for eliminating gluten in your diet.


Vegan Resources.png
Vegan from Scratch
Whether you are a strict vegan or just looking for ways to bring more plant-based foods into your diet, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about veganism. 
Clean Eating: Eat to Live
Take the next step in your clean eating journey! This guide has new recipes as well as a video for a good-for-you chocolate chip cookie.
Guide to Grilling
Guide to Grilling
This 39-page guide has everything you need to become a grill master. From chef tips to videos to 15 different recipes, this will keep you busy this summer!
Survive Thanksgiving
Preparing the Thanksgiving feast can be challenging, but having a game plan is key to success in the kitchen. Follow our chefs' advice and our time-tested recipes.
Holiday Cookies
Every holiday season should have the 12 days of cookies! Get our tried and true recipes plus cookie baking tips from our pros. 
Holiday Baking
Whether you are baking for a lavish holiday party, the office potluck or just want to give some tasty desserts as gifts, this baking guide will get you through the holidays. 

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