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Mary Ross Sommelier
Christophe Bakunas Sommelier

Take A Wine Class

Whether you are a seasoned sipper or just starting to learn more about wine, The Chopping Block offers classes for every level of wine lover. In our classes, we provide a solid foundation in wine tasting and sensory evaluation, how wine is made, grape varietals, food and wine pairings, even how to conquer a confusing restaurant wine list. You will sample delicious wine and get valuable tips from our accredited sommeliers in these hour-long virtual classes. Taste your way through vinous enlightenment!

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Pinot Wine Class Home Box
Virtual The Family Pinot
Explore three of the Family Pinot’s most prominent kinfolk:  Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc and the only grape with its own Academy Award winning movie, Pinot Noir.
Wine Lands of Spain Home Box
Virtual South America
Discuss the past, present and future of these Chile and Argentina, taste three prominent styles and learn the triggers for South America’s dramatic revolution of wine.