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Mary Ross Sommelier
Christophe Bakunas Sommelier

Take A Wine Class

Whether you are a seasoned sipper or just starting to learn more about wine, The Chopping Block offers classes for every level of wine lover. In our classes, we provide a solid foundation in wine tasting and sensory evaluation, how wine is made, grape varietals, food and wine pairings, even how to conquer a confusing restaurant wine list. You will sample delicious wine and get valuable tips from our accredited sommeliers in these classes. Taste your way through vinous enlightenment!

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Prohibition Home
Prohibition in America
Drink your way through history in our new wine/cocktail class featuring the story of Prohibition and how it affects alcohol even today. 
Wine Scandals Home Box
The Great Wine Scandals
Learn all about the juicy scandals that rocked the wine world and that influence what you’re drinking today. 
The Vineyards of France
Taste five exemplary wines and explore French winegrowing culture, still the basis of fine winegrowing around the world.
Wine and Cheese Home Box
Wine & Cheese Pairing
Learn the secrets of successful wine and cheese pairing in this tasting of 5 prominent cheese styles mixed-&-matched with 5 wines.
War and Wine
Discuss the history of World War II through the lens of vignerons as you taste wine from France’s most revered wine regions.
Unlock Wine's Secrets
Learn tasting techniques used by wine pros to get the most enjoyment from every sip as you explore each of wine's primary styles.