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$20 - $100
Per screen

Price per screen varies based on type of virtual private event selected, length of event and screen count. 

All virtual events include: 
  • Exclusive cooking educational menus not offered on our public virtual programming
  • Extended time frame for the virtual private experience with our chef
  • Customized TCB kitchen backgrounds available for your Zoom background
  • A TCB staff member as the moderator that helps assist with the flow and engagement of the event
  • Option to have the virtual private event recorded or not.  If recorded, link can be shared with host to send out to guests.
  • Ability to have a spotlight speaker(s) at the beginning and/or end of the event 
  • Guests can engage with each other and the chef by using the chat feature.  They are also able to use the Zoom reactions to call attention to the moderator if applicable to the type of event selected.
  • Custom polling questions with prizes for additional engagement
  • Guest question and answer session with the chef at the end of the event for cooking questions 

  Terms and conditions:

  • Virtual private experiences are executed through the Zoom platform.
  • Host is responsible for sending out all virtual experience information to their guests. TCB will provide host with necessary information to send to guests, this may include menu recipes with kitchen ingredients and equipment lists, virtual experience Zoom link and password.
  • Host is responsible for guest check-in. Host is responsible for additional fee or dismissal of any additional screens that enter private virtual experience above contracted amount.
  • Guests can obtain the menu ingredients through their preferred and trusted grocery provider prior to the event. Please note at this time, The Chopping Block is unable to ship the menu ingredients. If in Chicagoland, ingredients can be shipped for TCB Classic menus via Top Box Foods.

Virtual Private Cooking Events

The Chopping Block has been bringing people together over food and wine for over 23 years. Now, we're doing it online with our virtual private cooking event programming. Our proven successful events are boosting company employee morale and/or personal loved ones' joy, as people are now able to gather together over food virtually.

These virtual private chef experiences are designed for guests interested in planning a cooking activity privately for their family, friends, colleagues and or clients, near or far and all together! Our team will work directly with you to create a fun, engaging and educational experience. 

See how much fun we have virtually

Choose from five different types of virtual private event experiences:

Private Chef Virtual Cookinars

The Chopping Block's private chef virtual "Cookinars" will educate you and your guests with fun, entertaining and delicious recipe demonstrations you can watch, ask questions and then make at home when you choose.

  • Virtual chef demonstration with Q&A with guests
  • 60 minutes
  • Available for up to 300 screens

Private Chef Virtual Cooking Event

The Chopping Block's private chef virtual cooking events will engage guests in a fun cooking activity as you cook together in real time with your very own private chef guiding you and providing feedback on what's happening in your kitchen along the way. You'll enjoy interacting and cooking together with your guests near and far.

  • Chef and guests cook menu together in real time with Q&A with guests
  • 90 minutes
  • Available for up to 25 screens due to the interactive element

Private Virtual Mix-a-Longs Cocktail Event

The Chopping Block's private virtual "Mix-A-Longs" events will educate and engage you and your guests while having fun mixing along delicious cocktails in real time with your very own private mixologist guiding you along the way.

  • Mixologist and guests create cocktails together in real-time with Q&A with guests
  • 60 minutes
  • Available for up to 300 screens 

Private Virtual Wine Tastings

The Chopping Block's private virtual wine tasting events will provide your very own private sommelier to educate you and your guests with fun, entertaining and insightful wine knowledge. Taste and cheers with each other, near or far.

  • Sommelier and guests taste wine together in real-time with Q&A with guests
  • 60 minutes
  • Available for up to 300 screens 

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In Chicago? Provide Ingredient Boxes to Guests

The Chopping Block has partnered with Top Box Foods to offer the add-on option of having ingredient boxes delivered to guests’ offices or homes for our TCB Classic menus. A minimum of 24 boxes must be purchased, and delivery is only available within Top Box Foods delivery zones. Price range is $12-$75 per ingredient box depending on menu selected, plus delivery fee and 10% administration fee. If you have a smaller group and won’t meet the minimum of 24 box orders, Top Box Foods can donate the extra boxes to meet the minimum to a local food bank on behalf of you and/or your organization. It's another way you can provide some holiday joy to others while still celebrating yourself!

top box 2

See TCB Classic menus

Learn more about food delivery with Top Box Foods

If your guests are spread out throughout the region/nation, we recommend purchasing an Instacart, Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods gift certificate for them to procure their own groceries for your event.

Private Pre-Party Experiences

The Chopping Block's virtual private pre-party experiences gather you and your guests together as our VIP's to enter early into our public cooking class. You'll be able to privately engage, chat and have fun visiting with each other virtually while our chef creates a fun and unique cocktail or
small snack demonstration just for your group.

  • 30-minute VIP private early entrance prior to a TCB public virtual cooking class
  • 20-25 minutes in length
  • Available for up to 50 screens
  • All screens must be registered for virtual cooking class following in order to secure virtual private pre-party experiences.
  • All public cooking class participants are allowed into the Zoom platform 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of the public cooking class.
  • Minimum pricing of 20 screens required to secure pre-party experience.

See our Pre-Party Experience menus

Fill out our virtual private events inquiry form to begin the conversation to get you and your family, friends, colleagues or your fabulous clients cooking together with The Chopping Block!

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Hear From Our Virtual Event Clients:

"Hosting an event for 110 virtual staff can get complicated, but The Chopping Block made our virtual event so easy. Planning the event was seamless and Sara, our instructor, was fantastic. Our cookinar was so helpful as we all learned cooking tips and tricks, and the recipes were easy to follow. I've heard nothing by high praises from our staff members. We would definitely look into another event at The Chopping Block!"

-Emily Petraglia, American College of Chest Physicians 

"The event was above and beyond our expectations as Chef Sara was a very engaging instructor and we received great feedback from our guests. While we certainly hope to physically back in their kitchen next year, the virtual iteration provided a great opportunity for people to join us who normally wouldn't and to host the event at a lower cost at a time where we need to be more financially conscious."

-Elena Dennis, Chicago Bar Foundation

"A huge thank you to The Chopping Block for such a fun virtual demo event. It was a great way to bring our community together at a time when we can feel so far apart."

-Sarah Willis, University of Chicago

"The Chopping Block offered a unique, engaging virtual fundraising experience for our donors and stakeholders during our second largest fundraising month of the year—Pride. TCB has been a long-standing collaborative partner with our culinary work placement program, which made the event more enticing for our audience. Our greatest concern was the technology to orchestrate multiple speakers, but TCB executed the event seamlessly.  Oh, and we planned the event in under two weeks! Shelley, Mindy and the entire TCB staff was responsive and helpful throughout the entire process—especially with theming the featured course menu and instruction. We surpassed our fundraising goal thanks to this virtual event, and we’re grateful for the talents of staff, efficient planning, and patience from everyone at TCB."

-Rhett Lindsay, Center on Halsted

"Thank you , Team Chopping Block. The crew had a blast and are having fun sharing their images from our cooking event. You have a customer for life."

 ~Vince Williams, Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council