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  • The Chopping Blocks Story
    Our Story
    The Chopping Block opened in a small cottage in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1997. Owner Shelley Young came up with the idea for a recreational cooking school and antique store while on a cross-country journey.
  • The Early Days
    The Early Days
    Shelley taught each class herself at first, but began to grow her staff and the retail store as she found that many customers needed assistance in selecting kitchen equipment.
  • Lincoln Square
    Lincoln Square
    The idea of a cooking school with a personal touch worked and in order to accommodate the growing demand for hands-on classes, The Chopping Block opened its second location in Lincoln Square in 2003.
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    Merchandise Mart
    The original location moved to the Merchandise Mart in 2005, where an expansive 8000-square-foot space allowed The Chopping Block to accommodate Chicago’s growing interest in private cooking parties.
  • The Chopping Block Today
    The Chopping Block is one of the busiest cooking schools in the country, hosting hundreds of cooking classes and private events each month. Our mission is to get the country to cook.

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With over 12,000 feet of cooking, event and retail space and six different kitchens, The Chopping Block is Chicago’s largest recreational school. Take a tour of our unique, state-of-the-art, yet comfortable facilities.

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