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Our Food-Friendly Wines

Our wine list featuring fine wines from all over the globe is all about thinking out of the box, so you won’t see these wines on just any store shelves.


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Sparkling Wine White & Rosé Wine Red Wine Reserve Wine

Sparkling Wine
By The Bottle

Adami, "Bosco di Gica" Prosecco Superior 
This Italian sparkler is a world-favorite for delicate, dry and refreshing flavors, perfect to pair with international antipassti and light dishes. Guaranteed to add festivity to any occasion.  
BIN 704830
Vincola de Sarral, “Libertat” Cava Brut 
Crystal clean and refreshing, for a bright aperitivo and complement to a
world of tapas, lighter dishes and general festivity.
BIN 707319
Albino Rocca Moscato d'Asti
2016, piedmont, italy
Italy's fabulous fiz, with the perfect balance of appealing sweetness and refreshing acidity. Serve with dessert and sweet endings. 
BIN 705254

White Wine & Rosé
By The Bottle

Bodegas Pinuaga, Rosé of Tempranillo
Expansive aroma with dry-ish strawberry flavor, delicate brown spice accents and appealing tanning from certfied organic vineyards. A versatile complement to appetizers, seafood, vegetables and light meats and a mouthwatering cocktail year-round.  
BIN 707320
Triennes, Rosé
2016, provence, france
Aromas of roses invite a sip of this delicate, dry Rosé with berry, cherry and citrus complexity and firm acidity. Serve with light but flavory fare, including cured and smoked meats, vegetables and seafood. 
BIN 706631
Cantina del Taburo, Falanghina
2016, taburo, italy
With a gentle, dry palate of stone fruit, white pepper and mineral complexity this ancient grape, grown on Campania's coast north of Naples, makes a classic aperitivo and exciting match for a world of lighter dishes. 
BIN 707333
Bozen, Pinot Grigio
2015, alto adige, italy
Light, dry and satisfying with pear, apple and nut flavors with lemony acidity, for America's favorite aperitivo and complement to light dishes, including seafood and salads. 
BIN 705320
Domaine Emile Beyer, Pinot Blanc “Tradition”
Inviting aromas of white flowers with just-ripe pear and apple flavors and
bright acidity, to pair with the widest range of lighter cuisine including
appetizers, seafood, softly spicy dishes, poultry and the lightest meats.
BIN 707321
Château Lamothe Bordeaux Blanc
2016, bordeaux, france
This classic Sauvignon Blanc style is crafted with dry, delicate herbal flavor and crisp acidity, for a flavorful aperitif and to enhance seafood, goat cheese and vegetable dishes. 
BIN 704205
Babich Sauvignon Blanc
2017, marlborough, new zealand
Dynamic, with sun-ripened flavors of passion fruit and hebs for a rich cocktail and complement to dishes with herbs, olive oil, tropical fruits or spice. 
BIN 704207
Vignerons de Buxy, Bougogne Chardonnay
2013, burgundy, france
A classically-styled Chardonnay, with dry, appley flavors, soft palate and bright acidity. Serve as a traditional cocktail and to enhance seafood and light meats, especially prepared with butter. 
BIN 705061
L’Oliveto Chardonnay, "Russian River Valley"
2013, sonoma county, california
A creamy palate, with flavors of pear and brown spice, softly laced with oak and balanced by vibrant acidity. A rich cocktail and satisfying accompaniment to seafood, light meats and rich vegetable dishes.  
BIN 704210
Celler Xavier Clua, "Illusio Terra Alta"
2016, catalonia, spain
Rich and elegant with expansive palate of ripe pears accented with fresh herbs. Serve as a rich cocktail, complement to light meats and richer seafood, and a unique Chardonnay alternative.   
BIN 706630
Dr. Hermann, "Dr. H" Riesling
Not too dry, not too sweet with alluring stone fruit flavor, mineral complexity and mouthwatering finish, perfect to balance spicy cuisine and pair with fruity and delicately sweet dishes, including sushi. 
BIN 707322
Domaine Pichot Vouvray "Le Peu de la Moriette"
Appealing, off-dry flavors of ripe apples, honey and brisk acidity make this world-favorite wine a delicious cocktail and complement to light dishes, especially with creamy sauces. 
BIN 503738

Red Wine
By The Bottle

Valle dell'Acate Nero d'Avola
2015, sicily, italy
Soft and earthy, with flavors of berries and brown spice, earth and aged meats. An easy red cocktail and complement to a wide range of cuisine, including meats, vegetables and rich cheese. 
BIN 706109
La Maialina Chianti
NV, TUSCANY, italy
You don't have to be Italian to enjoy Italy's most famous export! This dry wine, bursting with cherry-berry fruit accented with brown spice, adds vitality to the widest range of dishes.  
BIN 702409
Banshee Pinot Noir
2014, sonoma county, california
Ripe cherry and berry flavors interwoven with brown spice accents make this silky, complex wine delicious with lighter meats, rich seafood, poultry and vegetables and rich cheeses. 
BIN 6002734
A La Carte, Pinot Noir
2015, north coast, california
Red fruit and earthy flavors develop on the palate for a complex but eminently enjoyable red. Classically paired with game birds and lighter meats, the silky palate makes a modern red wine with fish pairing. 
BIN 707334
Mas de Gourgonnier, Les Baux de Provence
2014, provence, france
An ages-old blend of grapes expresses ripe fruit, spicy accents and soft texture for a rich sipper and complement to cheeses, meats, vegetables and poultry. 
BIN 700035
Bodegas Obalo, Rioja Crianza
2015, rioja, spain
Aged in small oak barrels for velvety palate and savory flavors of rips berries, meat and brown spice. An ideal pairing with flavorful meats, poultry and vegetables, wild mushrooms and rich cheese.  
BIN 701756
La Posta, Cocina Tino
2014, mendoza valley, argentina
Lush and chewy with a mouthful of juicy berry-flavors, delicately spiced with oak. This Malbec-based blend makes a rich cocktail and complement to the richest dishes. 
BIN 702408
Chateau Barreyre, Bordeaux Supérieur
2012, bordeaux, france
The classic blend of Merlot and Cabernet, with firm palate and flavors of berries, herbs and charred meat. For righ, red meats and aged cheese. 
BIN 703245
Errazuriz, "MAX" Reserva Carmenere
2015, aconcagua valley, chile
From "the lost grape of Bordeaux", this Carmenere is lush and envelopin, with rich red fruit and earth, licorice, green herb complexity. A unique alternative to Cabernet for red meats, rich vegetable dishes and poultry.  
BIN 706633
Reunion, Malbec
2016, mendoza, argentina
Dynamic and velvety with rich flavors of berries, herbs, leather and spice defined by pleasingly firm tannin, for the richest cocktail and complement to red meats, rich pasta, poulty and vegetable dishes.  
BIN 706634
Iconic Wines, “Sidekick” Cabernet Sauvignon
2015, california, U.S.
Sun-kissed, extra-ripe berry fruit with smooth mouthfeel for an
ultra-rich cocktail and complement to meats, poultry, rich vegetable
dishes and cheese.  
BIN 707323
Calcu, Cabernet Franc
2013, central valley, chile
A rich red with firm texture and flavors of red fruits, dark chocolate and herbs. For rich, red meats.  
BIN 704872
Anne Pichon, Syrah Grenache “Sauvage”
2015, VEntoux, france
Lush aroma of ripe berries and brown spice, velvety texture and
pleasing tannin, the result of hand-craft tradition, small production
and organic winegrowing.
BIN 707324
Rocca dei Mori "Briaco" Primitivo
2013, salento, italy
"More is more" in this chewy red, a cousin of America's Zinfindel, with concentrated cherry and plum flavors, a solid sprinkle of spice and a mouth coating texture, for meats and the richest poutry or vegetable dishes. 
BIN 707335

Reserve Wine
By The Bottle

Henriot, Brut "Souverain" Champagne
NV, champagne, france
Elegant, harmonious, and well-balanced, with fine bubbles, fresh apple flavors and toasted brioche accents. Guaranteed to turn any event into a special occasion!
BIN 706148
Domaine Berthelmot Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru, Abbaye De Morgeot
2015, burgundy, france
From one of France’s premier white wine regions, this 100% Chardonnay is an elegant as it is delicious. With aromas of fresh apple, white flowers and honey, the wine is opulent on the palate. Serve wih the finest seafood and white meats. 
BIN 706147
Heitz Cellar, Cabernet Sauvignon
2013, napa valley, california
Rich and complex with aromas of black fruits, cocoa and mintiness unique to these vineyards. From one of the world's finest producers of Cabernet. Pair with rich red meats and poultry.
BIN 706149
Xavier Vin Chateauneuf-du-Pape
2012, rhone valley, france
A luscious red from one of the world's premier red wine appellations. Powerful yet frsh, with flavors of ripe fruit, dark chocolate, meat and the wild herbs unique to France's south. Serve with rich red meats. 
BIN 706201