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Cooking Classes

If you have an appetite for learning, a class at The Chopping Block will satisfy your cravings. Our classes are designed for home cooks with busy lifestyles who have a passion for food. We offer intimate in-person and virtual hands-on and demonstration classes covering topics from the building blocks of cooking to intensive Boot Camps. Create and celebrate food on your culinary adventure led by our professional chef instructors.
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Hummus and Pita Home Box
Mediterranean Mezze
Jump on board and travel to Greece and the Middle East with us as we prepare a variety of mezze - delicious savory snacks.


focaccia with olives, artichokes and rosemary march 2024 2-1
Trip to California
Get that breezy West Coast vibe, and spend an evening savoring the delectable food of the Golden State in this hands-on class.


Shrimp Skewers Home Box
NOLA Brunch on the Grill
Ease into the holiday weekend, Big-Easy style in this outdoor hands-on class.


Flan Recipe SmallFeatured Recipe

Flan Misterioso (Chocolate-Cajeta Custard Cake)

Chocoflan is a traditional Mexican dessert which consists of a dense chocolate cake topped with flan. You'll add the layers one way but they end up in reverse!
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Kids and Teen Classes
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