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Cooking Classes

If you have an appetite for learning, a class at The Chopping Block will satisfy your cravings. Our classes are designed for home cooks with busy lifestyles who have a passion for food. We offer intimate hands-on and demonstration classes covering topics from the building blocks of cooking to intensive Boot Camps. Create and celebrate food on your culinary adventure led by our professional chef instructors.
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Softshell crab
Summer Seafood  
Learn how to work with seafood that is flown fresh daily to Chicago from the oceans and seas of the world. 


Grilling Sweet Potatoes Home Box
Argentine Grill
Let the vibrant and bold flavors of Argentina speak for themselves. 


Steakhouse DIY
Why go out when you can learn how to prepare these steakhouse classics at home? 


berryzabaglionesmallFeatured Recipe

Summer Berries with Zabaglione

The word zabaglione is from the Neapolitan zapillare, meaning "to foam" and is a classic Italian dessert. In France, this dessert is known as sabayon. You'll want to make the zabaglione just before serving.



Kids and Teen Classes
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