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Cooking Classes

If you have an appetite for learning, a class at The Chopping Block will satisfy your cravings. Our classes are designed for home cooks with busy lifestyles who have a passion for food. We offer intimate in-person and virtual hands-on and demonstration classes covering topics from the building blocks of cooking to intensive Boot Camps. Create and celebrate food on your culinary adventure led by our professional chef instructors.
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Pork BB Home Box
Virtual Pork Cookery
Pork is a blank canvas for many flavor combinations. Learn how to cook different cuts of pork perfectly  in our virtual Building Blocks series. 


Virtual Macarons 
Our pastry chef will guide you through every step of the technique as you learn and practice how to make these elegant cookies filled with buttercream and jam. 


Broccoli Cheddar Soup Home Box
Winter Soups & Stews
Take the chill out of the air with these hearty, soul-satisfying soups and stews. Put some new recipes in your repertoire! 


Black Bean Chipotle Chili SmallFeatured Recipe

Vegetarian Black Bean-Chipotle Chili

This smoky black bean chili recipe is fast, simple, inexpensive, healthy and good! Smoky chipotles and beer give it an extra delicious kick.
Kids and Teen Classes
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