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 Virtual Private Lessons

If you've ever wanted to achieve your culinary goals as you work under the guidance of a professional chef, now is your chance. The Chopping Block is now offering one-on-one virtual private cooking and baking lessons. 

Whether you want to learn how to bake a beautiful cake, hone your knife skills, master perfect pie crust or become a sauce pro, our chefs can guide you through the process... one-on-one. Home cooks will learn tips and tricks for success in the kitchen so you leave your lesson knowing exactly how to master what you came for the next time around. And you do all of this in the comfort of your own kitchen!

When you book a virtual private lesson, you can simply select your desired skills from our culinary or baking and pastry themes listed below, or our chefs can work with you to design your very own unique experience. You and your chef will work together, one-on-one through the Zoom platform, diving deep into your chosen skills set to ensure you gain a mastery of the techniques. This individual instruction is a fantastic way to explore new culinary concepts in order to strengthen your culinary knowledge.

Learn to Cook from Anywhere

The benefit of taking a one-on-one virtual private lesson is that you can be literally located anywhere in the world and learn how to cook from Chicago's acclaimed recreational cooking school, The Chopping Block. We've been teaching people in Chicagoland how to cook since 1997, and now we can bring that education and fun outside of the Midwest to wherever you may be!

Hear the story of a recent virtual private lesson student and how she learned how to make a showstopper cake for a special celebration in just three hours! 

eleni cake

The Experience

One-on-one intensive culinary instruction through the Zoom platform with a TCB chef designed to give you the know-how you desire. Tap into your chef's expertise and elevate your understanding of skills, techniques, ingredients, flavor combinations and cookware. Get all of your cooking and baking questions answered!


After choosing the techniques you would like to focus on, our chefs will craft a seasonal menu that best highlights your chosen skill sets. We’ll provide you with the recipes and syllabus prior to your class.

Your Chef

We will pair you with a TCB chef who is best suited to guide you through your virtual educational experience.


  • Monday through Friday 8am-2pm with a 2-hour minimum: $250/hour 
  • Monday through Thursday 2pm-10pm with a 2-hour minimum: $400/hour
  • Friday evening 2pm-10pm, Saturday and Sunday with a 2-hour minimum: $600/hour

Please note:

  • There is a 15% service fee for all classes.
  • The length of your private lesson will depend on the menu and techniques selected.
  • Individual lessons are priced for one screen for up to 2 people. There is an additional charge beyond two people on one screen ($50/person/hour) and for additional screens beyond one ($100/hour). If you are interested in hosting a virtual private group event for more than two people, learn more about our proven and successful virtual private events


Culinary Skills

Knife Skills

• Chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing an assortment of vegetables
• How to hone and sharpen your knife


• Grilling meats, seafood, shellfish, vegetables and pizzas over gas and charcoal grills
• *Equipment and weather dependent


• Low and slow moist cooking of meats, seafood and vegetables


• Breaking down and trimming meats and seafood such as whole chicken, fish, beef tenderloin and lamb rack


• Dry heat cooking of meats, seafood and vegetables


• Quick, dry heat cooking of meats, seafood, shellfish and vegetables

Sauces and Soups

• Exploring classic French through modern sauce making
• Traditional soups to global favorites; purees, bisques, chowders and broths

Vegetarian Cookery

• Using vegetables, grains, legumes and meats alternative to create well-balanced meals

Plating Techniques

• Construct a balanced and visually sophisticated plate


Baking and Pastry Skills

Cake Baking

• Mixing batters and working with leavening agents
• Frostings and Fillings
• Buttercreams
• Ganache
• Meringue

Preparing Pies

• Variations on light and flaky pie doughs
• Blind baking
• Raw and cooked fruit fillings
• Streusel toppings

Working with Chocolate

• Melting and tempering chocolate
• Exploring different varieties of chocolate
• Creating sophisticated pastries using a variety of chocolates

Preparing Custards and Mousses

• Using thickening agents such as eggs, cornstarch and gelatin
• Whipping egg whites and cream

Plating Techniques

• Construct a balanced and visually sophisticated plate

Ready to book your private virtual lesson? Fill out the form on this page to get in touch with us! 

*A non-refundable 10% fee is applied for the operational and administrative costs incurred by TCB on all virtual cooking classes.

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Hear what people are saying about our virtual private lessons

"My time with The Chopping Block and Executive Chef Lisa Counts has been one of the best baking experiences I have ever had. It was a breeze from the moment we were discussing a date and time to have the three-hour lesson to days later getting responses to questions I had after the experience. Chef Lisa was just as excited about making this cake as I was and understood how important it was to me to be a tasty and beautiful cake for my sister's engagement party. Chef Lisa adjusted the recipes to what I was looking for and to my skill level. She was flexible and patient and was a joy to talk to for 3 hours straight! I asked as many questions as I could before, during and after the experience and having the chance to visibly see what consistency the elements were supposed to be made all the difference. I feel more confident as a baker and I cannot wait to take another class with Chef Lisa and absorb as much of her extensive knowledge of baking and cooking as I can!"

~Eleni Koufos

Ready to book your virtual private lesson? Fill out the form.