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Summer Berries with Zabaglione

The word zabaglione is from the Neapolitan zapillare, meaning "to foam" and is a classic Italian dessert. In France, this dessert is known as sabayon. You'll want to make the zabaglione just before serving.


Yield: 4 servings 


Active Time: 25 minutes
Start to Finish: 25 minutes

For this recipe you’ll need:

  • 4 egg yolks

  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar

  • 1/4 cup marsala wine

  • 4 cups assorted summer berries, washed and sliced as needed

  • 1 tablespoon fresh mint, chiffonade
    1. Pour about 2 inches of water in a saucepan, and heat to a simmer.

    2. In a stainless steel bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar and marsala wine.

    3. Set the bowl on top of the pot, keeping the water at a simmer. Whisk vigorously with a balloon whisk until the egg mixture is thick and foamy. Remove from the heat, and continue whisking until the custard is completely cool.

    4. Place the berries in bowls or wine glasses, and top with a generous dollop of the zabaglione.

    5. Garnish with the chiffonade of mint, and serve.