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A Home Cook's Guide to Butchery

A lot of home cooks shy away from buying large pieces of meat and whole fish and poultry, mostly because they aren't comfortable breaking them down into smaller portions at home. Those convenience cuts are convenient for a reason! 

But understanding the different parts of the animal and how best to cook them is truly an art form. We want you to consider your butcher your bestie and utilize them as well as the knowledge in this guide to become familar with breaking down a chicken, cutting your own steaks, cleaning a pork tenderloin and fileting a fish. Once you master these techniques, you'll see the benefits of home butchery, including some pretty major cost savings!  

In our Guide to Butchery, you'll get:

  • An introduction to the art of butchery,
  • Equipment you'll need to get the job done at home,
  • Clarification on the government's grading system,
  • Detailed photo and video tutorials on how to break down meat, poultry and fish,
  • Recipes to illustrate the best cooking method for different cuts,
  • and more resources to keep learning.

Whether you are handling a whole chicken for the first time or you've been doing it your entire life, feel confident taking matters into your own hands with the help of The Chopping Block's guide. Just fill out the form to download our Guide to Butchery.

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