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A New Year, A Clean Slate

You've likely heard the term "clean eating" lately. It refers to a diet that is strongly based on whole plant foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts and seeds. Nothing is off-limits, but by choosing nutrient-rich whole plant-based foods, you can reduce inflamation and increase satisfaction.

The Chopping Block's Wellness Chef Alia Dalal first introduced her plan in our Clean Eating: Get Started Guide. It was incredibly popular, so we have created the next step in your clean eating journey: Clean Eating: Eat to Live.

Whether you are trying to make some healthier changes or are already a kale-obsessed, green smoothie lover, you’ll find some actionable information inside this guide that will help you bring more vitality, energy, and fun into your kitchen and life.

In our Clean Eating: Eat to Live Guide, you'll get all of the core principles of a clean eating lifestyle, as well as:

  • An updated list of pantry staples to have on hand, including international ingredients to spice up your food,
  • Four recipes that will provide a foundation for your own creativity (including a new beverage recipe for 2018!),
  • A video on how to make a good-for-you chocolate chip cookie (it's true!),
  • and a preview of our all-new Clean Eating Boot Camp, an intensive deep dive into this way of eating.

This guide will help you understand how to balance protein, fats and carbs in a healthful way without sacrificing flavor or variety in your food. Whether you are simply curious or have already made a commitment to eat better this year, join us for the next part of your clean eating education. Just fill out the form to download Alia's Clean Eating: Eat to Live Guide.

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