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Wine & Food Pairing Guide

How to Pair Wine and Food

The world of food and wine pairing can seem complicated. But matching the right wine with your meal, whether at an intimate gathering at home or in a restaurant, doesn't have to be difficult. With just a few basic guidelines and some understanding of the characteristics of certain types of wine styles, everyone can enjoy the perfect balance in a bite and a sip.

The Chopping Block's Sommelier Viktorija Todorovska has years of experience teaching people what wine goes with what food, and she's sharing it in this helpful guide. She teamed up with our chefs to come up with dishes that will inspire you to cook and enjoy your food with the right glass of wine. 

In our Wine and Food Pairing guide, you'll get:

  • Characteristics of the main styles of wine, including:
    • Sparkling Wine
    • Light White Wine
    • Full-Bodied White Wine
    • Rosé
    • Light Red Wine
    • Medium Red Wine
    • Full-Bodied Red Wine
  • Over 30 recipes selected to go with those styles of wine,
  • A temperature guide for serving wine,
  • Advice on types of glassware,
  • How to deal with leftover wine,
  • Tips on navigating wine lists in restaurants,
  • Essential wine accessories,
  • and illustrated instructions on how to open bottles of bubbly and wine.

This guide certainly doesn't attempt to teach you everything there is to know about wine. However, you'll gain a solid understanding of what wines go best with what foods. Just fill out the form to download our WIne and Food Pairing Guide.

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