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Holiday Baking

Don't Let Holiday Baking Stress You Out

Our chefs get asked the same questions over and over in our baking classes:

  • How do I know when my baked good is done?
  • Can I make this dessert in advance?
  • Should I refrigerate my dish to store it?

Since home cooks are having these dilemmas over baking, we decided to develop a fool-proof plan for the holidays. Whether you are baking for a lavish holiday party, the office potluck or just want to give some tasty desserts as gifts this year, The Chopping Block is here to help! 

In our Be a Better Baker, you'll find:

  • Recipes for desserts that work well for crowds during the holiday season,
  • Tips to help you organize your time by knowing what can be done ahead, what needs to be done at the last minute and how to bring it all together, 
  • A list of essential kitchen tools to make baking easier, and
  • Lessons on how to use your freezer and work in batches to save time, money and energy.  

Whether you are planning to bake for a huge holiday gathering or just your close family and friends, this guide will help you manage your time and avoid any holiday chaos in the kitchen. Just fill out the form to download The Chopping Block's Be a Better Baker.

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