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Ginger Liqueur Part 2: The Results

Posted by Ida on Feb 8, 2018

Oh hey, look, it’s been a month! Through tending to my ginger liqueur this past month, I’d say everything came out pretty well.

As we saw last month, I grated fresh ginger, and infused it in plain vodka. After one week, I checked it out. The color was still about the same as when I initially added the ginger; a muted foggy yellowish tint. When I opened the jar and took a sniff, I got an initial hit of just the smell of alcohol with a bit of ginger at the end. It seemed to not be ready, so I gave it another week.


After week two, I gave it another smell test. It was perfect. I got a whiff of ginger off the bat, instead of just pure vodka with a gingery hint. At this point, it didn’t need any more infusion, so I strained the ginger out with a fine mesh sieve.

Now if you wanted for this to be a ginger infused vodka, you can stop at this point. But remember, liqueurs are lighter in alcohol content and are sweeter, so I added about 1½ cups of simple syrup. I decided to give it a taste after adding the simple syrup. I got the sweetness from the syrup, but the alcohol taste was still a little strong, so I decided to let it sit for another week for the flavors to meld. After that week, everything came together!


This ginger liqueur would be great with club soda, in a Margarita, or my favorite, in a Sidecar. If you’re like me and you like ginger, try subbing out your orange liqueurs for your own homemade ginger liqueur!

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