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Private Party Menus

We are proud to offer a wide variety of menus for our private events that are as fun to make as they are delicious to eat. Experience cuisines from all over the world, make the most of seasonal produce and tantalize your taste buds as you and your guests learn valuable cooking techniques. These menus are designed with group cooking in mind, but please note this is a sampling of our menus, so some menus may not be a good fit for larger or smaller parties. Please plan on discussing specifics for your party with your Event Coordinator.
Let us get your party started with some fresh, house-made appetizers, ready to greet your guests when they arrive in our kitchens.
Your guests can indulge in the glory of spring as they prepare one of these stellar menus. We offer these spring menus during the months of March, April and May.
Your summer celebration will be fun and festive with a menu that features the bright flavors of the season. We offer these summer menus during the months of June, July and August. 
Let us show you how to have a summer cookout, chef style! Enjoy a party on our beautiful outdoor patio at Lincoln Square as you grill up a good time.
TCB Classics
Our chefs have been teaching people how to make these meals for years, and they never disappoint. Choose one of our all-time customer favorites for your event. 
Olive Kitchen
These menus are designed for lots of fun for smaller groups in our semi-private Olive Kitchen at the Mart. 
Enjoy a leisurely morning with your friends and colleagues, creating a lavish and memorable brunch.
Brunch Appetizers
Let us get your morning event started with some fresh, house-made starters, ready to greet your guests when they arrive. 
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